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007 Legends
Reviewed by
Edwin Millheim
007 Legends 360 Review. It’s not a dreadful game, but it’s not a truly spectacular game either. It is a good game that caters well to celebrating Bond. Linking six of the Bond films into a game like 007 Legends is brilliant.

Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 6.5
Sound 8.0
Value 7.5
Distributor: Activision
Rating: M15+
Review Date: Oct 2012
Edwin Millheim


007 Legends 

So we get the latest James Bond game sent over by Activision, in the form of 007 Legends. We take on the sometimes discombobulated mission to play through the game and see what it’s all about. More to the point is it a worthy Bond game to have on the shelf?

In the twists and turns of the missions, the game feels as if it has just as many twists and turns. Being a hard core Bond fan helps alleviate most of this, though standard gamers may find the ride not to their liking.

Cut scenes give us a chance to see James Bond interacting with other characters. The scenes are mostly well done cut scenes. For the most part players are left with mostly the action parts of being Bond and not the undercover agent. There are moments when you get to use the gadget smart phone of course to seek out hidden items and panels…but being the undercover agent is left to a minimum to none at all.

I agree with some saying that it has a Call of Duty feel, though if you may recall if you played the original GoldenEye, the two games playing experience had some similarities as well. It has some similarities to GoldenEye 007: Reloaded which is not a bad thing…which is no surprise since Eurocom did that one as well….. Heck there are other first person shooter games I have played where I feel like its so Call of Duty Like, but we never point it out….so why now? Get over it. It’s a first person shooter with cool Bond gadgets and story….. For the most part Eurocom gives us a good Bond experience, just not a spectacular one. The gaming tie in with the upcoming film with an extra mission based on the new film “SKYFALL” is a nice touch as free downloadable content.

So we do get to have that Bond feel going against the odds and a real treat as Bond goes through some of his most famous missions that tested him to the limits as an agent and helped shape the 00 we all know and love. Gamers who are not Bond fans may or may not have a time following things as many of the adventures jump about in a sort of flash back sequence….though if you are brighter than a two watt light bulb you can follow the story and get that it is flash backs.

Being a Bond Book and film fan I appreciate the homage this gives to the past history of the character. Having seen ALL of the Bond films I am happy to see that for game play and story… the writers and designers have taken some creative license to not follow things to a T from those past adventures. Smartly done and to keep things in continuity we see Daniel Craig’s likeness in the older adventures. It would have been a Bad move and a continuity nightmare to have used the likenesses of the other actors that played Bond in those adventures.

Throughout the adventures and the story scenes it’s actually a thrill to be part of these adventures, something’s you know what’s coming and as noted there are something’s that have been toyed with enough to still spark some surprise during these missions. Linking missions from such classic Bond films as Goldfinger, On her Majesty’s Secret Service, Moonraker, License to kill, Die Another Day, and of course the latest Bond blockbuster….SKYFALL.

Gun play as noted is similar to Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, though it seems to me to be more refined. These weapons sound like the vicious bits of destruction they are supposed to be. During missions you do get the chance to upgrade weapons and gadgets, adding things like better scopes or sound suppression or even larger ammunition capacity.

The big adventure and explosive set pieces all hail from some of the best James Bond moments and adventures. The run on Fort Knox, and some thrilling ski sequences while dodging gunfire, terrain and trying your best to take out the droves of henchmen. All of it brings you into the thrill of being Bond during some of the biggest missions in the characters history. Though the aim assistance feels generous, there are still some challenges to be had on these adventures.

Speaking of the environments and Bond moments….during all the battles, but for a few bullet holes and shattered glass…the environment rarely if at all reacts to explosions or heavy gunfire…no damage at all in most cases. A bit disappointing to me, but this is not a game killer by any means. Graphics seem a bit dated; though what it lacks in textures it gives us some punch to the story and adventures.

There are times when Bond has to try his best to sneak along and not be seen, though when the enemy know your there things get really hectic. As you make a mad dash trying to get to your objective and an enemy can and does pop up around a corner it is a thrilling rush to try to make it to the objective. Prompting into many a gun battle and vicious close in combat sequences. Time it right and Bond goes through different animation take down sequences that for the most part are satisfying.

Other than the take downs there are some close in melee fighting events… I would say the only problem I have with it is that it is not free form fighting, it’s just another quick time event system disguised as a fighting sequence.

Quick time moments and little mini game moments are sprinkled throughout the game. Going hand to hand sometimes you have to follow the prompts of what button or stick to move to win in that moment. Hacking into systems using the smart phone gadget and trying to short- out controls also prompts mini games and a test of skill and dexterity with trying to move the two thumb sticks to match the frequency on screen.

Hard core Bond fans will like 007 Legends, casual fans will give it a go, and first person shooter gamers will find a few things to like here that can make the experience worth their while.

It’s not a dreadful game, but it’s not a truly spectacular game either. It is a good game that caters well to celebrating Bond. Linking six of the Bond films into a game like 007 Legends is brilliant.

Multiplayer is the standard fare, playing on line with up to 12 players you can have a public or private match Or if you don’t fancy going on line you can also play split screen local with up to four other players. Maps for the multiplayer stem of course from the single players experience and the terrain maps are pretty well done with plenty of diversity. Sporting good vantage points and of course plenty of areas for running and gunning. Not so sure it’s something that will dominate for long though in the multiplayer realm.

Have fun play games…be Bond.

Edwin Millheim




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