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Is your games console taking your electricity bill through the roof?

Published on July 8, 2009 by in Gaming

Research finds that standby power drain caused by games consoles and other entertainment appliances has a significant impact on household electricity bills. By using TrickleStar’s new TV TrickleSaver, gamers can now win more than the game –they can save energy and the planet!

NEW YORK– Wednesday 1 July, 2009 – In today’s society, where the focus on being environmentally aware, friendly and sustainable is key and governments are considering ways in which to reduce carbon emissions – both nationally and globally – standby power also ‘stands up’ as an issue of significance. However, many keen gamers and ‘entertainment gizmo’ junkies may not be aware of the impact that standby power is having on their electricity bills… and the planet!

TrickleStar’s range of products address the issue of standby power that is consumed by PC appliances and TV accessories such as printers, modems, speakers, scanners, games consoles, DVD players, amplifiers etc by stopping the flow of standby power when they are in ‘standby’ mode.

“It’s jaw dropping to see exactly how much of a drain simple things like leaving your games console on, or having amplifiers, satellite receivers and other entertainment devices on permanent standby can have and moreover, the cost they can add to household electricity bills,” noted Bernard Emby, Founder of TrickleStar.
A recently published article that looked at Computer Energy Costs , including the running costs, or ‘power drain’ of games consoles noted that , “the device that consumed the most power in our test when in use was the PlayStation 3, closely followed by the Xbox 360 and Plasma TV. Even when idle (on, but [not] in use), these systems consumed the most power of the devices tested. Incredibly, the Playstation 3 consumed over 10 times as much power as the Nintendo Wii.

Our tests also found that leaving a PlayStation 3 on while not in use would cost almost $250 a year in electricity bills (charged at 15c per kWh). This alone is around five times more than it would take to run a refrigerator for the same yearly period.

The Xbox 360 was not far behind the PlayStation 3 in energy usage costs per year, serving as an important reminder to turn off videogame systems after use.”

“We have developed a range of products that effectively stop the flow, or leakage of electricity caused by standby modes on all sorts of gizmos and gadgets used in the home and office,” Mr Emby added.

“When you consider that standby power has been estimated as contributing to as much as 12% of consumers electricity bills – in the home or office environment – you realise just how much standby power costs, not just for the impact it has on our hip pockets, but on the electrical grid and the planet.”

As a parent, I know what it’s like to have to check whether the kids have turned off the lights, or left the TV and their games consoles in standby mode. By using our products, parents can rest assured that even if their kids have left their games console on or in standby mode, they won’t be draining power and adding to the electricity bill.”

Each of the products in the TrickleStar range is reliable, cost-effective, easy to use, environmentally friendly and offers superior technology to anything else on the market today.

The TV TrickleSaverTM is the simplest and most effective way to reduce the standby power that is consumed by TV accessory devices. The product has inbuilt current sensing circuitry that senses when a TV is on or off.

The ‘sister product’, the PC TrickleSaverTM , has been designed to offer the simplest and most effective way to reduce the standby power that is consumed by PC  peripherals. The product connects to a PC via a standard USB cable and detects the power status of a PC via the USB port.

Both the PC TrickleSaverTM and TV TrickleSaverTM are typically connected to a standard electrical power-strip in order to manage a number of connected devices, so there is no need to replace existing power-strips in the home in order to utilise the TrickleSaver units and save power.

TrickleStar has also developed an online power standby calculator which is on the TrickleStar website ( The calculator enables users to configure their own PC or entertainment system, the hours they use the equipment and the cost of their electricity. The calculator can then provide data specifying the amount of electricity saved, CO2 saved and the ‘environmental payback’ period. The calculator uses independent data sourced from AMEE and DEFRA.

Mr Emby noted, “A report issued in 2001 by the IEA (International Energy Agency) stated that ‘we can reduce standby power consumption by about 74 per cent using cost-effective technologies and design changes’. We see that our range of clever, efficient products offer the way forward when it comes to minimising waste and environmental impact.”

“While every little bit of wasted standby power makes a big impact, every little bit of power that we save makes an even bigger impact and helps us leave a planet for our children’s children. So, in short, every home and business across the globe can benefit from becoming a ‘TrickleStar’ and the environment will thank us all,” he concluded.

TrickleStar’s range of products is now available in the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as a number of other international markets. TrickleStar’s range of TrickleSaver products for North America can also be purchased online at the TrickleStar Store, visit



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About TrickleStar
TrickleStar Pty Ltd was founded in 2007 by Thomas Joergensen and Bernard Emby. A privately held company, TrickleStar is based in Hong Kong and has offices in Singapore, China, UK, USA, Denmark and Malaysia.

TrickleStar has developed a unique suite of products which address the issue of standby power used by both general appliances and PC peripherals and stop the flow of standby power when appliances are in ‘standby’ mode.

TrickleStar has launched its world’s latest ‘truly green’ power saving devices in the USA, Canada, Denmark and Australia – countries where there is greater awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions.

TrickleStar will launch its products into Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Switzerland in late 2009.

Standby Power
Measurements in many countries have estimated that standby power may be as high as 12% of residential electricity consumption in some economies. 

Many electronic draw standby power 24 hours per day, seven days a week, every month of the year in order that the appliances can act more quickly when the user turns the appliance ‘on’.

As such, standby power is both a constant drain on people’s hip pockets, the electrical grid and has a negative impact on the environment… and our planet.

TrickleStar’s products – designed for PCs, PC peripherals and other electrically powered products – will help to reduce individual and family ‘environmental footprints’ AND electricity bills!

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