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Pure Hacking wins National iAward for its home grown PureWAF security application

Published on August 5, 2011 by in Gaming

Sydney, 5 August 2011 – Pure Hacking, Australia’s leading specialist information security consultancy, has won the National iAward for its Australian developed PureWAF managed web application firewall service. Announced at last night’s Gala Awards Dinner, the National iAward win in the Security section is a continuation of the consultancy’s NSW category iAward win last month.

“We are thrilled to be recognised on a national perspective as innovators that contribute real benefit to the Australian ICT sector,” outlined Pure Hacking’s CEO, Rob McAdam. “We are very happy to accept this award for our PureWAF security solution and this has certainly spurred us to maintain a focus on developing here locally in Australia,” he continued.

PureWAF is an alternative web application firewall solution to better manage the mitigation and monitoring of security breaches. PureWAF can be implemented as a virtual appliance or embedded within the web server on an internal network or externally in the cloud. The cloud-based PureWAF implementation allows clients to take advantage of the scalability and cost benefits of a flexible computing environment without compromising the security of their web application. Development of Pure Hacking’s managed web application firewall service, PureWAF, was driven by both the market demand for better protection for web applications from hackers and cyber criminals and easier management for the enterprise.

With the rapid adoption of web application technologies within Australian organisations, traditionally deployed WAFs were no longer effectively able to identify and repel the increasing number of identified risks from hackers and cybercriminals.

PureWAF detects and blocks attacks targeting web applications, inspecting all inbound and outbound application traffic including encrypted traffic. Deployment of PureWAF ensures an organisation’s security and compliance needs are well managed. It has been developed to replace traditional appliance-based WAFs with a tailored solution that can handle business logic attacks, distributed denial of service, zero-day vulnerabilities, brute force and other malicious attacks.

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