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Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 8.5
Sound 8.5
Value 8.0
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Andrew Bistak


Batman the Brave and the Bold
The Videogame

It's hard not to be biased when your a comic geek but hell... this is BATMAN we're talking about here. He doesn't need the sun to power his superpowers for superhuman strength nor need to be bitten by a radioactive spider to jump ... no, this guy has been trained by some of the world's greatest fighters and used his inheritance to create a variety of cool gadgets all in the name of making the streets a safer place from criminals.

The catalyst for Bruce Wayne was on the night his parents were murdered which led him to be inspired by a bat in order to don the personality of the Batman. It should also be known that Bruce Wayne or Batman has had a variety of incarnations of this character from comics, movies and video games that would make some scholars scratch their head in confusion. However unlike the Dark Knight from Batman Arkham Asylum, this video game features a Batman from a lighter era that is reminiscent of Adam West's tenure as the caped crusader, yes my dear readers... this game is based on the coolest Batman cartoon on TV... Batman the Brave and the Bold from Warner Bros. 

However, before I get into the crux of this review, this game is targeted towards the younger gamer. If you're looking for a challenging arcade game than I suggest you look elsewhere because this title is rather easy and forgiving towards the player. But with that said, if you enjoyed the cartoon series, than you'll have a blast playing this title as it's oozing with Batman the Brave and the Bold references from the stories and humour.

This game is seriously funny and contains some great one-liners from not just the heroes but also the villains and in terms of the story, it's like watching one of the episodes, more particularly four episodes. Listening to Robin chastise Batman about his "relationship" with Catwoman is a hoot or listening to Guy Gardener's endless comments about his "personal" greatness is all classic Brave and the Bold storytelling.

As a game, the title is a side scrolling arcade beat 'em up which allows up to 2-players to engage in the world of Batman villains. Apart from controlling Batman or Robin, gamers have access to a wide gamut of comic book heroes such as Blue Beetle, Black Canary, Green Arrow and even Guy Gardener, a Green Lantern. These are just some of the characters who grace this game and there are also other cameos as well.

As you progress through the game, additional heroes are unlocked and best of all, each plays quite differently which does open the game up for additional gaming sessions. The control system of the game works well on the Nintendo Wii and although some will see this as a button smasher as you punch, throw and kick your way to victory, there are puzzles and some interesting challenges on the way. At times, you will need to use the motion controls of the Wii like use the Batarang to knock things over which is done by pointing the Wiimote at the screen or by shaking the Wiimote and Nunchuck together to release your special attack.

Thankfully this does not impede with the overall gameplay. Other elements include navigating the gaming world that requires jumping or using special gadgets to reach "unjumpable" areas in the game. The characters also have a cool power-up which allows you defeat quite a few enemies in your proximity when used and should you be defeated, you will reappear immediately with only a small loss of points. Another cool aspect of the game is that you can call for help and another hero will come to your rescue.

If you're playing the game solo, the AI does a good job at controlling your "side kick" and unlike other titles, they actually do work for their money. Enemies are sometimes repetitive, however as the game is divided into four episodes, they will change with who the main villain is of that episode. Boss battles are fun as are the cinemas littered throughout the game to help progress the story. For lovers of equipment and unlockable content, the game has quite a few things to collect such as Jetpacks and upgrades which can be done between levels.

For graphics, this game is perfect. The game is a mirror image of the current cartoon series and the attention to detail is rather impressive. The characters are well animated and interact well with the environments and there's some fun cutscenes along the way which make this one of the better looking Wii games available. Just like the graphics, the soundtrack is taken directly from the cartoon series as are the voices of the characters which almost makes it appear like you are starring in your own episode of the Brave and the Bold. Both the visuals and audio of this game are perfect!

In conclusion, Batman the Brave and the Bold the Videogame is a slick arcade beat 'em up that pays homage well to the cartoon series and is a fun game to play from start to finish. As an older gamer, it would have been nice if there was an option for some harder gameplay but compared to the lacklustre titles that are currently available for the Nintendo Wii at the moment, this game is leaps and bounds above its competitors. With flawless gameplay, a great 2-player co-mode and endless Brave and the Bold references, this is a fun game and is ideal for those who love the series or looking for something a little different in the world of gaming.


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