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The Vow

    Reviewed by Tim Cooper on March 5th, 2012
presents a film directed by Michael Sucsy
    Screenplay by Jason Katims, Abby Kohn, Stuart Sender, Marc    

Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Jessica Lange and Sam         Neill
    Running Time:
104 mins
    Rating: PG
    Released:  February 9th, 2012




Rachael McAdams seem to be doing well at creating a career based on memory deprived love victims, so why change the formula? Many find her lovely, however many find her quite annoying and not dissimilar in appearance to the Seth Rogan voiced Paul. Her acting legacy has left many a boyfriend with the duty of enduring The Notebook,  all the while being compared to Ryan Gosling by their watchful lovers. There has also been many a girlfriend that has gone through a juxtaposed  tortured experience when watching the 2004 love fest. The same powerful and evocative love story carries for women that painful moment of realisation that her beloved boy will never actually live up to 2011's sexiest man alive, Ryan Gosling. 

With these two sensitive sides of love in mind, Impulsegamer would like to offer you a rare opportunity to understand the latest mental blank from Rachael McAdams from your chosen perspective. Below we have provided a detailed review for both the girls and the boys, because we all see things a little differently right?

The Vow by Ms Mid Day Movie

I just love date nights. My B.F Phillip promised to take me to see The Vow on Valentine's Day. He so sweet. Usually just gets me burnt copies of The Kardashian's Miami specials on our special days. So this felt very special. I found out The Vow was the new film by the bald guy who did that grey gardens movie with Drew. She's Hot. So I was so stoked. I had a look on Youtube at the trailer and it looked heaps like The Notebook. She forgets her memory and has some super cute dresses.

So anyway, Phillip bought gold class because he's the actual manager at Jay Jays now. "We can totes afford it babe." He told me. What a man. So after a weird incident at the candy bar we started watching the movie. Its starts off with Rachael and Channing in a car  (Tatum is the full time hottie from Dear John OMG So sad!). He is singing a song that my dad really loves by some guy named after a dinner I think my mum cooks sometimes. They look super cute together, like Chris and Rihanna before he went all Million Dollar Baby on her. They have this really sad slow motion crash and she forgets, like everything! She then moves back in with him so they can fall in love and she can make stuff with clay. It's a bit like Ghost but Channing is not dead. He is also hotter than Patrick (Except for Patrick in D.D). Rachael's mum is a bitch who hates Channing. Her dad who's a total Trump, he's that guy who dances on the lamb adds. He hates Channing even more because he's poor. 

So Channing has to make her fall in love with him again. I heaps know that wouldn't be hard, but it's a really good script and it was way believable. The soundtrack fully rocks. I heard heaps of bands they used in one tree hill and Gossip Girl (xoxo) which was really awesome. Channing totally gets his shirt off at least three times and Rachael has THE cutest dimples in the world. I'm total jelly. I really recommend this movie to all cute couples and lovers of The Notebook.

The Vow by Phillip Philm

So just to let you know, I'm way into film. I have all the Fast and and Furious movies. I have every Jason Statham movie (Even the straight to DVD ones.) I have every Matrix and Terminator movie on Blu Ray. I am also aware that film is more than just action. That is why I also have documentaries, like the Crusty Demons of Dirt catalogue. My plan after the Jay Jay's Christmas party this year is to study film. My goal is to bring back the Aussie T.V classic "Ship to Shore" as a three part action trilogy. Each part will be two hours long and starring Hugh Jackman. So yeah, I'm way into film. This is why I took my G.F to see The Vow for Valentine's Day.

I don't normally like romance, but The Vow has that babe from The Wedding Crashers. That made it at least watchable throughout our make out session. The whole night started of great guns at the candy bar. The girl behind the bar was way into me and kept trying to flirt with me until my girlfriend noticed and pulled the plug. At least my G.F is hotter anyway. So we get in just in time to see The Notebook chick in a car crash. It was way sad, but in slow motion like the Matrix. I didn't think this was an action movie, but the director must have thought it was. She forgets everything and moves back in with her husband (The guy from G.I Joe and Fighting). He has a sweet pad and an awesome job recording bands. Except the bands he records are indie trash. It would be more realistic and cooler if he was some kind of Dubstep producer. 

G.I Joe then has to make Wedding Crashers babe fall in love with him again. It would probably be easier if he stopped wearing turtle neck sweaters and looking as if he was going to cry every second scene. However there are some moments when the guy is smoother than Kanye. He goes night swimming, shows her art and stand up to her dad (the guy from Jurassic Park). In the end he is pretty rad, but the soundtrack was lame. I recommend this movie to dudes wanting to chill with their ladies and stop them thinking about that guy from Drive for at least two hours.


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