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Bust 34"
Waist 25"
Hips 35"
Name: Vera Baby


Vera Baby



Tell us a bit about yourself and your name... Very Baby?

So yes, I'm Vera Baby. I got my name from 2 different things. Firstly there's a short bit song on a Pink Floyd album called The Wall titled Vera. I grew up listening to Pink Floyd and that album in particular. I'm a pretty big fan. And secondly, Baby is from the crazy lovely character in House of 1000 Corpses. Also, Baby's first name is Vera!

What made you get into modeling?

I always have a different answer for this. I was influenced mainly by makeup I think. I used to search the net for awesome alt makeup. Lots of colors, eyeliner, and so on. In my search for that I came across suicide girls and other alt nude sites that I took a strong interest in. Things progressed from there

What do you enjoy about modeling?

I like expressing myself through fashion and makeup. I also love to show off my figure. Nude modeling is my favorite, it's good on the ego. hahaha

What about nude modeling?

Yes yes yes nude modeling. This is what I do most actually. Almost every photoshoot I go to ends in nudity, I prefer it this way.


Not really the playboy type, I'm super inked and just a completely different look than what they go for in general I think.

Worst part of modeling?

Perverted photographers. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of talented and focused artists out there, if there wasn't I wouldn't model. But, I encounter a lot of guys who are on the internet booking shoots for the opportunity to see a live girl naked. Or even male "models" who try and hook up with you. I refuse to work with any men for that reason. I'm pretty good at weeding through the pigs however so I don't have as much a problem with this as I did when I started modeling.

Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of?

Yes, many of them. My hands are done up pretty extensively, palms included, I have what is almost a complete sleeve on my left arm, both ankles are done, back of my neck, a little leg action. The tattoos I have either mean something to me, are strictly impulse, or are chosen for artistic reasons. I could go through all my tattoos but there are so many reading the list could get boring. I'll take a shot at it anyways

- ankh and eye of Horus | back of left hand

- ABSTRACT | across the knuckles

- 1UP mushroom from Mario | right palm

- FOCUS | left index finger

- 37 stars | end of left arm from the inner side of the elbow to the tip of my index finger. Also across my left palm

- Pocketwatch, filigree, gears, A time piece | this one is my favorites. It's a half sleeve done by Nick Chaboya ( that goes over my shoulder and down to my elbow. It's not yet finished

- BARBIE | written on my right ankle on an angle that lines up nicely when I'm wearing high-heels.

- Big blue star | on my inner left ankle

- filigree Victorian key | right side of my neck under my ear

- Jack in the box pin-up girl | right leg

What's your best asset?

I'm not really sure. I think my ability with makeup has been super valuable in my career. So maybe that?


I sleep a lot. I can sleep for days if nobody wakes me, and I have. It's a pretty lazy quality, but once I'm out of bed and on the go I get a lot accomplished. So maybe it's not all that bad.

What are three technological things you cannot live without?

My computer, my phone, my webcam. Can't work without them.

How do you relax?

I like to paint. Kinda just lock myself up in a room, put some Pink Floyd on the speakers and turn my phone off. I don't look at the time and if someone knocks on my door I ignore them. This is my me time, my moment of relaxation

Top three things that annoy you?

1) People... but mostly rude close-minded people.
2) Dishes... I hate doing dishes!
3) Phone calls... I'm terrible at talking on the phone, if it's not face-face I don't like talking out loud to people.

Top three things that make you happy?

1) My cat Lucifer
2) Knowing I'm going to get a new tattoo
3) Modelling

What is your favourite video game?

Oh man I don't know, hahaha. I'm such a huge Nintendo fan so I can say Nintendo in general is a favorite for me. I think if you put anything Mario in front of my face I'll be happy. But, my weakness is for old school Mario. Super Mario 3 might be my favorite. Maybe... or ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME!!!!! Yes, that!

If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say?

Don't stress girl, you got this!

On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask?

Are you happy?

Married, relationship or Single?

Single/relationship... I have someone, but nothing is official. I'm not tied down, I just enjoy.

What do you look for in a guy?

Firstly honesty. If any guy ever tells me a lie, one simple little lie, I don't care what it is or how little the lie hurts, they can basically say goodbye to any chance at ever speaking with me. You lie? Not interested! I don't forgive lies.

Aside from that. I like a man who can take care of himself, independent and successful. I'm a bit of a princess so I like to be spoiled.

For me it's also way important to have someone who can have fun and a lot of it. I like to be lazy a lot, but I also like going out and doing things. Working out together, going to the movies, playing video games, riding horses, bowling, rock climbing. Different things, fun things. The more ideas he has the happier I am.

As for body type, I like a man with some muscles on him. Not too much though, I'm not into big guys. I prefer skinny but fit. I'm really into nice arms. I go crazy for the gun show. hahaha

What is your favorite movie?

Batman, the dark knight. I'm a huge Batman fan and I loved Heath Ledger as the joker.

Favourite Music?

Varies. I love music in general. My two favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Children of Bodom. I'm way into metal and classic rock but I also like classical, jazz, some pop, basically anything. (Just no country or Rap please)

Favourite Food?

SUSHI, seafood, FISH FISH FISH! <3 Yummy

Favourite Colour?

Does black count?

Favourite TV Show?


Favourite Animal?


Your motto for life?

Don't worry, be happy!

Do you have a fan site like twitter, myspace or facebook?

I use twitter like a mother fucker. I basically live there 
I also run my website  

What does the future hold for you?

A lot. Some things I'm not ready to talk about and others I am.

I've got something coming up very soon so I'll let you in on that now.

I'm currently working on my member site which will be filled with my photo-sets, videos, wallpapers, gifs, and other sexy extras. Chatroom, Webcam, e.t.c. I just spoke with my website designer and we are thinking the site will be up soon. I don't have an exact date yet but either this September or October.

Ten words or less for your fans?

I fucking love you guys! FOREVAH!

Lastly, any scoops for our readers?

No I think that's basically it. Me in a nutshell

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