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Height Classified
Bust 31"
Waist 24"
Hips 32"
Name: Tonya Dahmir


Tonya Dahmir

Tell us a bit about yourself: There isn't really a whole lot of things to say about myself, I do modeling, as you can see. Aside from that I am very anti-social, and I keep to myself. All I do is play video games "Tera Online" is my most recent addiction.

What made you get into modeling? I was approached on the side of the road by a photographer who loved my hair.

What do you enjoy about modeling? I enjoy being a piece of art, a canvas that can be painted and moulded into something beautiful. I feel when I am done up and behind the camera that I have some sort of alternate persona, that I like about myself, way better then just the normal me.

What about nude modeling? I do do nudes, but I am very protective of myself. I will do it if I feel me and the person I'm working with can make something beautiful and sensual, rather then raunchy and ... well you get it :P

Tonya Dahmir from OSO SEXY MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

Worst part of modeling? Mmm, Not a lot, aside from always needing someone to come with as some clients, people who hire can be creepers.

Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of? No

What's your best asset? My long red mane! -hair-

Worst? -blush- smaller boobs

What are three technological things you cannot live without? Computer!! If something happened where I didn't have internet, I don't know what I would do with myself, I really wouldn't know how to entertain myself at all.

If all handheld gaming devices broke... I would break! and, if my XBox broke. I am a Sony girl, but I don't have a ps3... I wish I had one : /

How do you relax? I am not a very relaxed person, but showers and baths, with candles, or darkness... and scents, of candles, perfumes, flowers...

Top three things that annoy you? Liars... Cheaters..... Dishonest people.....

Top three things that make you happy? Cats! Gaming! Anime/Cosplay

You're a gamer girl... where did your love of games start? When I had perfect dark, on Nintendo years ago. I cant even imagine how much time I put into that game back then...

What is your favourite video game? Favourite!? There's no such thing as a favourite! "period" there's favourites! with an "s" :P Tera online!!!! FF12!!!! Counterstrike, Battlefield 2/3, Call of Duty Black ops/modern warfare, World of Warcraft (but they ruined it, don't play it anymore), Elder scrolls, Skyrim, Gears of war 2/3, HALF LIFE 2!, killzone3, Wolfenstein, Resistance (fall of man), fear, Persona 3/4, Catherine, Fatal Frame, Resident evil4 and Silent hill "the room"!

Who's your favourite video game character? FRAN, from ff12. I think she is beautiful, I love her voice in the American version, and just all around badass. Felica from Darkstalkers, I am in the middle of making the cosplay outfit.

If you could be a video game character who would you be? FELICIA!!! I act like a kitty in real life, its just me all around :)

Tell us your most AWESOME gaming victory. Reaching 2322 rating on WOW, Reaching top 5 in PVP in Tera, and when I reach high high points in any of my first person shooter games, I scream and go YA!!!!! all by myself in my room :P I'm a PVPER

If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say? In the future your just going to be a kitty cat.

On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask? Hey you still playing video games old girl?? and I bet you I would be glued to the computer with a tv at my side playing a consol.

Married, relationship or Single? Relationship, I met on WOW

What do you look for in a guy? Faithful, someone to only want me, to be satisfied with just me...

What is your favourite movie? 28 days later, Casino, 12 monkeys, 300, seven, felon, lock stock and two smoking barrels, bringing out the dead, Terminator, Aliens, Alien verses predator, True Romance, Transformers, Hurt locker, and requiem for a dream. AND SO MANY MORE!

Favourite Music? FEVER RAY! Recently discovered, nine inch nails girlfriend, made an album called how to destroy angels, Obsessed with that. Combichrist, Ramstein, Wardruna, Wumpscut, Aphex twin, of the wand and the moon, psyclone nine.

And I enjoy Hyuna (BECAUSE SHE IS ADORABLE!) I love Asian girls!

Favourite Food? Raspberries, cream, and cheese!

Favourite Colour? Burgundy (deep red wine colour)

Favourite TV Show? Game of Thrones, The walking dead, breaking bad, Spartacus, face off, Dexter, falling skies, hells on wheels, and awake.

Favourite Animal? Cats! of any kind, I am a kitty lover! But I love maned wolves! They are beautiful

Your motto for life? Staying youthful, staying playful, and living my life with a forever expanding mind, I like to picture life as butterfly wings, seeing beautiful pictures, creating beautiful pictures, and living with visual dreams.

Do you have a fan site like twitter, MySpace or facebook? TonyaDahmir facebook :P

What does the future hold for you? I can't wait to see, this is a question I ask myself a lot :)

Ten words or less for your fans? I don't think I really have, fans... I hope you like me, my pictures, and... My nerdy, cat like personality :)

Lastly, any scoops for our readers? Mm nothing really new, hopefully when I get my Felicia costume from dark stalkers made, you guys will like it :) I will probably have it posted here :)

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