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Height 5'4"
Bust 31"
Waist 24"
Hips 32"
Name: Scarlet Starr


Scarlet Starr






Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a 21 year old kid in Los Angeles. I read comics (Hack/Slash and Lady Death for life!), play video games, cosplay, and take every opportunity to have an adventure that comes my way. I also happen to be a "glamour model" or whatever, but that just pays the bills.

What made you get into modeling? 

I did some silly shoots for friends taking photography classes at my hometown college and realized I liked being in front of the camera. I used to be incredibly shy and nerdy, that one weird chick with the books that no one wanted to talk to. Modeling has greatly helped me let go of my inhibitions. 

What do you enjoy about modeling? 

I like that I can be anyone when I'm in front of the camera. I can change personas, become anything. I especially like the weird, messy shoots, like with liquid latex and fake blood… I've done so many random things that I normally wouldn't. It's a trip. 

What about nude modeling? 

Nude modeling wasn't what I intended to get into, but I'm glad I did. I've become a lot more comfortable with my body and more sure of myself. 

You've been in Hustler and Barely Legal, what's the next magazine step for you? 

Honestly I've always wanted to make the covers of tattoo magazines, like Inked and Bound By Ink. I don't have enough tattoos at the moment, but one of these days…

I'd also like to shoot for Gothic Beauty. 

Worst part of modeling? 

Creepy, disrespectful photographers and obsessed viewers that send weeeeird messages online. Seriously… people be cray. 

Any piercings and if so where? (Did they hurt) 

I have snakebites and my labret pierced and normal ear piercings. Previous piercings included my septum, the left side of my nose, and a dermal above my chest tattoo. Generally having a needle scoop out bits of your flesh does hurt. 

Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of? 

I have a spider on the back of my right wrist, the word 'FREAK' on my lower right arm, a heart with wings on my chest, the Gaiaonline logo on my wrists (one wing on each), a feather behind my left ear, a unicorn and stars on my left hip, the deathly hallows to the left of my pubic bone, and a silly ghost bat on my right calf. 

What's your best asset? 

I'm quite a fan of my boobs. TITTAYS!!! 


I have a depressing lack of ass. 

I think most guys would disagree with you Scarlet!

What are three technological things you cannot live without?

Honestly, there's not really anything technological I couldn't LIVE without. If there were, I wouldn't fare very well when the nuclear winter hits. However I'm quite fond of le interwebz, my N64, and of course my iPhone. I'll enjoy them until the apocalypse. 

How do you relax? 

A cup of coffee and a good book…. or getting on WoW and killing ALL THE THINGS 

Top three things that annoy you? 

Bad spelling/grammar, homophobia, people that try to force their religion down your throat. Mormons are amusing enough to not be annoying.

Top three things that make you happy? 

Animals and coffee, books and coffee, games and coffee. And coffee. That's three, really. I can math. 

What is your favourite video game?  

Close between WoW, Pokemon Yellow, and Golden Sun II 

How cool is Ocarina of Time? 

If I didn't love it, I wouldn't play it…. however, it takes all my willpower to not smash the freaking N64 during the water temple. RAGE RAGE RAGE. Oh, and Princess Ruto needs a good smack to the face.

What it is your favourite part in Ocarina of Time? 

Getting the light arrows and feeling LIKE A BOSS. Oh, and killing chickens. Always the chickens. Uh, cuckoos. Whatever. Chickens. 

If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say? 

Stop wearing khakis and grow your hair out. Everyone thinks you're a boy. 

On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask? 

Why are you still alive? You were supposed to go out in an epic blaze of glory and bad decisions! 

Married, relationship or Single?  

I'm in a relationship with a wonderful boy. 

What do you look for in a guy?  

Intelligence and wit, humor, honesty, sense of adventure. 

What is your favorite movie?  


Favourite Music? 

Polkadot Cadaver, Femme Fatality, and Limnus ( 

Favourite Food?  

Hmmm…. sushi. 

Favourite Colour?  


Favourite TV Show?  

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files. 

Favourite Animal?  

Fox! Tied between red fox and Fennec. 

Your motto for life? 

I don't have a motto per se, but I've always liked a certain quote from one of my favorite authors, Jeanette Winterson, in her book 'The Passion': 

'You play, you win, you play, you lose. You play. It's the playing that's irresistible. Dicing from one year to the next with the things you love, what you risk reveals what you value.' 

Do you have a fan site like Twitter, Myspace or Facebook? 

I finally made a Facebook fan page, but I still think it's silly. It has become mostly boobs and memes. Such is life. 

What does the future hold for you? 

I guess I'll find out as it comes along. I don't really make plans.  

Ten words or less for your fans? 

Read Hack/Slash, it's boss. 

Lastly, any scoops for our readers? 

 Official Modelling Page

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