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Height 5'3"
Bust 34D
Hips 24"
Waist 36"
Name: Raven Alexis


Raven Alexis



Height: 5'3"
Bust: 34D 
Waist: 24" 
Hips: 36" 
DOB: 28/01/1987
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown



How did you make the move to our friends at Digital Playground?

I have worked really hard to build an online entity and to create my own original websites. Once I did that, I knew that I would need to sign with a company that could take me to the next level. I believe that Digital Playground is hands down, the best adult film company in the industry, and I am honored and excited to be one of their contract stars.

What are some of the movies that you'll be starring in with DP?

I have already started filming, and 2010 is going to be so exciting. Hopefully I will have a movie out by the AVN’s AEE in January of 2010, and from there, the sky is the limit! 

How did you get started in the Adult Industry? It must be sexually liberating to give 100% in your performances.

I actually kind of fell into the industry – I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment industry, but never really pursued it. Straight out of college, a photographer contacted me to do some modeling gigs and after I realized how much fun I was having, I decided to put grad school on hold and pursue my dreams in the world of entertainment. 

What do you enjoy about modeling? Are there any downsides? 

I absolutely love modeling – it’s actually a lot of work, but so much fun at the same time. I think posing and pushing your body to all sorts of extremes is the most fun. I have never really found a downside to it – there’s days that I don’t feel as great as others, but getting in front of the camera always makes me feel my best. 

How many films are under your belt at the moment?

I have done a ton of web and online work – actual DVD titles, I think I’m at 15 or 20 at this point. I don’t really keep track though! J

What's your favorite position?

Doggy style!!!

What's your favourite part of the male anatomy and why?

I like guys for so many different things – but I would have to say that eyes are my favorite! A guys’ smile would be a very close second though! And of course his cock, but that goes without saying!  

The female anatomy? 

I am a complete boobs and ass girl! The eyes are really important on a girl though too.  

What did you do before you entered the adult industry?

I was in college, and worked my way through college doing a few different things. I was an Executive Assistant for a while, a legal secretary for a while. 

Describe your perfect adult film. 

One where the people in the film love sex completely, and are very attracted to each other. I want to see a film that completely convinces me that the two people on screen are 100 percent into fucking each other, and that they don’t even know or care about anything going on around them.  

Your funniest moment in making an adult film?

I was filming a scene in an elevator and the maintenance guy almost caught us. It was so funny walking out of the elevator with my hair all crazy and looking like I’d just cum! 

Your worst moment? 

I have enjoyed my time in the industry so much – I honestly have never had a bad scene or a bad time! 

What are three technological things you cannot live without?

My iPhone, my laptop, and the backup battery for my iPhone

What is your favourite video game?

On the Xbox, it would be Call of Duty or Halo, on the computer, World of Warcraft 

What do you look for in a guy or girl or both?

A great sense of humor, self confidence, a strong sense of their own sexuality, they have to be a little nerdy, and they have to love life! 

What is your favorite movie? (mainstream)

I have so many different movies that are on my favorites list! I don’t think I could pick one, but “The Soloist” and “I Love You Man” are two great ones that I’ve seen just recently.

What is your favorite movie? (adult)?

I love Pirates I and II, and the Island Fever series.

Favourite Music?

I listen to a little bit of everything, but I lean towards rock – classic and current.

Favourite Food?


Favourite Colour?

Pink and Red

Favourite TV Show?

Star Trek, Heroes, anything on the Sci Fi channel!

Favourite Animal?


Your motto for life?

Never stop trying

Do you have a fan site like twitter, myspace or facebook?

And I LOVE it when fans add me and contact me! I will write back!

What does the future hold for you? 

I anticipate that my future now, with the help of Digital Playground, is going to be amazing. I hope to be in a lot of great movies, and get my work out there to as many people as possible!  

Ten words or less for your fans? 

I love you all, and thank you so much!!!

Raven Alexis is a lover of sex, knowledge, and adventure. An active player in the lifestyle game, Raven offers a complete fusion of beauty and brilliance. She constantly strives to meet and surpass the next goal. A slave to her libido, Raven developed a lucrative web brand catering to voyeuristic thrill seekers. To stimulate her mind, Raven avidly reads and geeks-out on role-playing games, conquering new worlds online almost as frequently as she conquers new partners in front of the camera. In search of the next level of stardom, the brown-eyed, brunette vixen signed with promotional powerhouse Digital Playground.

Raven Alexis holds a power over people, leaving a trail of flustered admirers in her wake. Combine her killer 34D-24-36 body with her exotic, partial Native American background, and it's easy to see why Raven attracts so many followers. Knowledge of her vibrant bi-sexuality caused Raven to explore ways of satisfying her intense and kinky urges. Usually the dominant one, Raven will allow the right man to take control and bend her over into her favorite position, doggie-style. The curious Aquarius found her way into adult entertainment as a way to experiment with different forms of pleasure. Raven's obsession with sex is all in the name of science and self-improvement.

A huge sci-fi fan, Raven Alexis owns her own Star Trek costume, which she uses to enact one of her favorite sex fantasies. Intrigued by technology, the gorgeous gadget lover's iPhone is never far from her side. Raven also spends hours online maintaining her webpages, interacting with fans, and creating level seventy "World of Warcraft" characters. Heading straight to the computer after shooting a scene, the self-proclaimed nerd is often still completely naked, wet, and extremely horny as she navigates her way through "World of Warcraft". The versatile Raven is equally down with the pocket protector and sports. She dreamed of being a professional dancer, until a basketball injury propelled her towards other dreams, like Digital Playground.

Raven believes in quantifying a life by experiences rather than age. The young star graduated high school by the age of 15, earned a college degree in Criminal Justice Administration by 18, started her own nude website at 19, and signed with Digital Playground at 22. With her Digital Playground contract, Raven knows she will be able to share her belief regarding an open and healthy sexual lifestyle to the largest audience possible.

The Raven Alexis revolution is taking flight, and soon fans will find her unveiled on the covers of the top magazines around the world and completely uncensored in Digital Playground's bestselling movies. For now, be sure to visit and, as well as and

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