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Height 5'11"
Bust 34"
Waist 25"
Hips 36"
Name: Penny Drake


Penny Drake

Penny Drake, the 5'11 Wonder Woman hails from San Antonio Texas USA and is not just a pretty face with a killer body but is smart, funny and easily the most coolest babe that we had the pleasure of interviewing. Of course it helps that she knows her gaming, although we would probably be a little scared to challenge her in Rock Band.

From model to actress, drop dead gorgeous to vicious Zombie, she is truly a diverse and talented person. Thankfully she agreed to be interviewed by Impulse Gamer, rather than squashing us under her heels. Of course, Penny Drake became known to us through her exploits as the sexy wicked witch called Bayonetta and if SEGA are reading this, we demand a live action Bayonetta series starring Penny Drake.

With that in mind, it's easy to see why Penny has so many fans! Oh... apparently she's psychic or so the rumours go but then if that was the case, she wouldn't have agreed to this interview or would she?

Star Chicks Invaders of the Universe
Photo Credits - Jay Lee (Zombie Strippers Director)

The REAL Bayonetta!


Even though and even Playboy have their own Bayonetta competitions, we all know who the REAL Bayonetta is!


Height: 5'11"
Bust: 34"
Waist: 25" 
Hips: 36" 
YOB: 1984
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

Penny the Model

Photo Credits - Khoa


Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m tall.  Hey, you said to tell you “a bit”. 

What made you get into modeling and acting? Nothing “made” me get into it.  Hell, so many people desire to be a model or actor, I’m just lucky to have some of the attributes it requires to qualify (Amazon height), then the ambition and timing to have landed some great things.

What do you enjoy about modeling/acting? The overall environment is creative and an entire team pulling together for an end product is a great thing to be a part of. 

What would your dream job be? A good sitcom would be amazing.  I love comedy. 

How did you become the face and BODY of Bayonetta? My agency sent me on an audition for SEGA at the G4 studios in Los Angeles.  I had to wear form fitting all-black attire, a pair of glasses and hold a gun.  I was instructed to do my best gaming vixen walk and pick a line from the Bayonetta game to say in my best Bayonetta imitation.  What put me above the rest was that I had actually seen the trailer for the game and knew that Bayonetta had a particularly taunting laugh.  I did the laugh.  The SEGA reps told me that was what set the bar. 

How do you keep in shape? I generally eat well and work out like a champ!  It takes a lot of effort.  I hit the gym to lift weights.  I hike regularly and take yoga on the weekends.  I just started jogging to prepare for an obstacle course challenge in April 2010 called Warrior Dash.  Look it up  I’m in it for the Viking hat and costumes.

What did you enjoy about Bayonetta? I loved getting to taunt people at the live events.  It was amazing how many people would go to each one just to see if it was still the same girl playing Bayonetta every time.   

What are three technological things you cannot live without? My Blackberry phone, my iPod and the internet.

What is your favorite video game?  HANDS down, Rock Band.  I am a complete sucker for that game.  I once sang 35 songs in a row!  I was on tour.  My fans needed me. LOL.  When I was working E3 in Los Angeles, every time I took a break, I would make a bee line for the Rock Band stages and belt my heart out.  I once played drums with a group of gamers and one of the guys noticed my badge with SEGA on it.  He asked, “What do you do for SEGA?” I responded in an English accent, “I’m Bayonetta, love.”  He nearly wet himself.  I had no idea I would get that response.   

Married or Single? That would be Single with a capital “S.” 

What do you look for in a guy? A pulse and a sense of humor.  Dead guys can be funny, too. But zombies don’t tend to smell good after a while.

What is your favorite movie?  My all time fave is “Labyrinth”.  Two words: David Bowie.  That package was lit so freakin’ well.  It was my introduction to a real rock star.   

Who is your favorite actor? Tim Curry.   I’ve been a fan from the “Rocky Horror Picture” days, to him as the devil in “Legend”, to “The Three Musketeers.”  His comedic timing and delivery style are something I envy. 

Favorite Music? Everything!  I love alternative rock, to gangsta rap (cause I’m hard core like that), to symphonic, to pop, to electronica…just NO country.

Favorite Food?  The stuff that tastes like heaven and holds no actual calories so I don’t have to worry about my weight…oh, wait, that doesn’t exist, so I guess I’ll go with Italian. 

Favorite Color? RED!  Just like my hair! 

Favorite TV Show? “Family Guy.”  I’ve actually attended a table read and watched Seth McFarlane have a conversation with himself as 6 different characters.  It’s amazing. 

Favorite Animal? Giraffes, they are tall and awkward like me!

Your motto for life? Live life on the edge of constant discovery and challenge. 

Do you have a fan site like twitter, myspace or facebook? YES!!!

Please follow me at 

And add me on MySpace

I constantly blog and update my site with clips and videos! 

And my YouTube page which I am about to start paying MUCH more attention to and also

Are there any scoops you could give Impulse Gamer? Currently The-Body-of-Bayonetta, as I like to refer to myself, is working on a new sketch comedy.  As many of my fans know, I am a scream queen and a sketch comedian.  I work closely with Scream HQ, who brought the world the irreverent and politically incorrect movie, “Zombie Strippers.”  We have developed a sexy sci-fi, comedic webisodic called “Star Chicks.”  I am calling on ALL of my fans and supporters to check out the show and help back us so that we can produce the first 10-13 episodes.  For any amount that you pledge, you will get great merchandise, memorabilia and, hell, if you pledge $100 or more you get original art work by me!  $1000 or more and you get a walk-on role.

What does the future hold for you? Hopefully, more gigs as Bayonetta.  She really is a wonderful character to get to play.  Also, I’m hoping the best for the projects I’m working and a productive 2010 with lots and lots of work!

Ten words or less for your fans? Email SEGA that you want more of the REAL Bayonetta!

That e-mail address that Penny would be referring to would be, so you know what to do... click and send!

Penny the Model
Photo Credits - Khoa

Penny the Angel
Photo Credits - 2008 Spike Video Game Awards

Penny the Model
Photo Credits - Cynthia Daniel, Cherry Gardner & Eric Blackmon

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