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Height 5'4"
Bust 35"
Waist 27"
Hips 37"
Name: Michelle Parish


Michelle Parish



Height: 5'4"
Bust: 35"
Waist: 27" 
Hips: 37" 
DOB: 22 (2012)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown



Tell us a bit about yourself...
My name is Michelle Parish and Iím 22 years old. I am a published fitness model and an internationally published writer, contributing fitness and nutrition articles to (this is my job) and in the UK. My official website is

I am currently in school studying to be a registered dietitian. 

What made you get into modeling?
I was actually doing makeup to start out, but being photogenic myself I started to like being in front of the camera. I started when I was 17. For the most part, I knew I wanted to help people and make money doing what I loved so modeling is always a good marketing tool. People are more likely to listen to someone they like to look at.  

What do you enjoy about modeling?
I like pretending to be someone else. Iíve always been a nerd and very imaginative so itís always awesome to come out of my shell and act. I am very casual and laid back in real life so itís fun to dress up and get all glamorous sometimes. I think to draw and paint and to me photography is another form of art. I just happen to be the subject.  

Worst part of modeling?
The worst part of modeling is seeing the proofs. I donít know why but Iím very hard on myself. I see everything wrong and Iím always noticing things I see that I couldíve done better. Everyone else will tell me the pics are so amazing but Iíll hate every single one. Iím hard to please. Itís fun though.  

Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of?
Yes, I have 11. I have one on my left ankle, on my likeÖleft ovary (lol), right hip, lower back (tramp stamp), wrist, forearm, traps (shoulders), one under my left boob, one on my right boob, and a partial half sleeve on my right arm. Most of them I got at a time when I was going through a lot and they served as therapy. I find it fascinating that you can go through pain and earn something beautiful. Also I just love art and Iím ecstatic that I can put it on my body forever. My partial half sleeve means the most to me. Itís the most colorful and even though I drew all my tats, this one is the most intricate and beautiful. It is of a bluejay coming out of an unzipped heart flying toward a rainbow. Itís a very busy, colorful, fun tattoo and it represents my personality very well.  

What's your best asset?
My best asset is my spirit. I keep a high level of energy all the time and overcome obstacles easily by keeping a positive attitude and winning people over. I love that about myself. No matter how much my perkiness might annoy people, I donít care. I donít want to change and I think I set a pretty good example for the people around me and bring people up when theyíre down. Without my spirit my body, my face, everything about me would be empty.  

I am so ADHD. I get so distracted. Iíve learned to deal with it but I swear I just love to daydream and randomly go off on a tangent. I would love to not have that problem, but hey we all have to work around our weaknesses.

What are three technological things you cannot live without?
My computer. I write articles for a living so it would be really difficult for me to make money without it. Also, all my pictures, videos, files are saved on here so if I lost it I would be highly upset. It keeps me connected with the world! I almost said my phone, but my computerís more important.  

How do you relax?
I LOVE to watch movies. I watch Netflix all day. I watch mostly scary movies but I also like fantasy like Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. Itís sad, but Iíd rather watch movies than do almost anything else. They take my mind off things and let me escape to another world. Itís invaluable to my mental wellbeing.  

Top three things that annoy you?
Arrogance. Traffic. Unappreciative people. I donít think anyone in this world has the right to be arrogant and full of themselves and I have absolutely no tolerance for it. I donít care if youíre a celebrity, sit down.  

Top three things that make you happy?
Movies, Art, Nature. These are things that make me feel free.  

What is your favourite video game?
I still like Sonic! That was like the funnest game ever I would play it on my sega genesis (I know Iím old school) and I play it on my ps3 now sometimes.  

If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say?
I would tell myself I was the coolest kid on the block and to stop trying to hard to get everyone else to think that. That I was worth the respect I never gave myself.  

On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask?
Iíd probably ask what the biggest mistake of my life was, one that no matter how you look at it..nothing good came from it. Otherwise, Iím big on just doing your best and not trying to predict the future. I believe there is a plan for all of us and if we were supposed to know it we would. Looking too far into the future causes us to rush and skip life right now.  

Married or Single?
In a relationship but not married 

What do you look for in a guy?
I look for a personality. Hilarious and open-minded. Someone thatís not afraid to act like a kid and have fun, most importantly be himself.  

What is your favorite movie?
Probably a Will Ferrel movie. I would say one of the Harry Potters, but I just love Will Ferrel. Maybe Wedding Crashers. That movie was bloody hilarious! 

Favourite Music?
My favorite music is rock. Three days grace, breakinf Benjamin, Chevelle, but also the old classic rock. I like the Eagles, Journey (I thought Journey was awesome BEFORE Glee) and Metallica, etc. I like everything but rock is my favorite. My favorite song is Donít Fear The Reaper.  

Favourite Food?
I like fruit. A lot.  

Favourite Colour?
Black. And Rainbow :)

Favourite TV Show?
Right now? Spartacus!!!!  

Favourite Animal?
Cats. I love cats. Theyíre so freaking fluffy and you can pick them up and cuddle them. I love dogs, I have two huge ones, but if I pick them up they make weird noises and get all stiff. Cats coil around you and let you hold them in a non-weird way. Like stuffed animals. Definitely a cat person.  

Your motto for life?
Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the heart of the beheld. Original quote :)

Do you have a fan site like twitter, myspace or facebook?
Yes! Twitter: @Michelle_Parish and my fan page on facebook is I actually have a website its thereís some really cool pics on that one that I canít post on facebook! 

What does the future hold for you?
Eh. Most the time, Iím not sure. Iím working on a book, got a few shoots and publications coming out. You can check me out in the current issue of American Curves (April 2012). Otherwise Iím working and focusing on graduating from college. The future holds something big for me. Even though I donít know what it is, I believe in it and Iím ready.  

Ten words or less for your fans?
Be yourself, everyone else is taken.  

Lastly, any scoops for our readers?
Yes, I will soon be launching a webstore with clothes designed by me, prints, meal plans, and workout plans so stay tuned for that! Keep up with me on facebook and youíll always know whats going on with me

Official Website:

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