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Height 5'4"
Bust 34DD
Hips 24"
Waist 34"
Name: McKenzie Lee


Mckenzie Lee



Height: 5'4"
Bust: 34DD 
Waist: 24" 
Hips: 34" 
DOB: 16/05/1979
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown


You're from Jolly old Leicester England, tell us a little about your life growing up in the UK?

LEICESTER...LOL... Life in the UK is very different from being in the U.S. People who have never been there think I'm crazy when I say seriously it's like being on a different planet...haha.

I had an amazing childhood.  I have 2 amazing sets of parents and 5 sisters, so growing up was never boring...haha! I miss my home.  I miss my friends and family, and yes, I even miss the weather. America is now my home, but forever England will always be my roots. :)

Before working in adult films, you were dancing in strip clubs from Birmingham to London, how was that?

I loved dancing...I always have. I just realised I could do something I loved and get paid well!!! I love Birmingham, England and I have MANY great memories there... I  love the people...and yes the accent...(yes, they may only be 40 miles down the  road but they talk different...haha).

Birmingham is where I started my dancing career. I gradually moved on to London dancing in Spearmint Rhino clubs and For Your Eyes Only. London  was a blast too... being young and single living in a flat with two other dancers--everyday's a party!!!! LOL

How did you get started in the Adult Industry? It must be sexually liberating to give 100% in your performances.

Well, I was living and dancing in London. By this point I was  sharing a house with 2 guys and another girl. One of the guys just happened to work in adult film, so we were forever having shoots at our house. It was a natural progression for me and didn't feel weird at all. I totally loved it, and from that first ever scene, I've never looked back!

Yes, I give 110% in my scenes, and I LOVE every f**kin minute of  it...haha!!

Although you've worked with other companies, you took a short break from the industry?

Yes, I did take a short break. I felt it was time for me to give  myself a lil' time and come back with a fresh new outlook and new goals.

In this time off I took a little family time. Life is good!

How did you make the move to our friends at Digital Playground?

Well, I hired a PR company called Rising Star PR... they sent my pictures to a good friend of their's over at Digital Playground, and she then  passed on my pics to Samantha Lewis and Joone.

We arranged a meeting just to talk about a few things, and the rest is history as they would say. I'm super excited about being their new contract girl. I think this is gonna be great for all of us!

What are some of the movies that you'll be starring in with DP?

That's a secret for now, but don't worry, they won't fail to blow your mind. It's totally top secret and we all know what happens when top secret secrets are my lips are FOR NOW sealed!!

Are you going to milk your accent in your films with Digital Playground? British chicks are and sound hot!

Not much I can do about the way I talk. I love my accent and hopefully it never leaves meeeee! And thank you, I think most accents that aren't your own sound sexy.

What do you enjoy about modeling? Are there any downsides?

I honestly haven't found too many downsides that are so big they  warrant talking about. I love modeling. I love my alter ego McKenzie, and I'm a lil' bit of a show off too. Haha!

How many films are under your belt at the moment?

Soooooo many. I haven't counted in a while.

What's your favorite position?

On my back or doggy...yummmmm!

What's your favourite part of the male anatomy and why?

C**k has to be, right? And because it's soooooo good!

The female anatomy?

I love eyes. I love the female body; it's so beautiful. All of it is  favey in my book.

What did you do before you entered the adult industry?

I danced... yup, took my clothes off... LOVE IT!

Describe your perfect adult film.

Super beautiful, but super hardcore intense sex.

Your funniest moment in making an adult film?

Had alot of 'em. I put milk in my butt. I shoved a cell phone in my
pussy. There's the time I lost a pool ball in my friend's  butt...soooooo many!!!

Your worst moment?

Sooooo far I haven't had one!!!! I hope it stays that way too.

How do you relax when you're not the hot nymph from the UK?

I love having family days and love spoiling my girls and my man.

What are three technological things you cannot live without?

My laptop, my phone and my magic wand (crazy vibrator)

What is your favourite video game?

ummm, I don't play 'em too much, but I like Halo.

Married or Single?

MARRIED...and super happy!!

What do you look for in a guy or girl or both?

Someone who can make me laugh. Someone honest and trust worthy. You  know, all that important stuff!

How do you want to work with from Digital Playground?

For a very long time.... hardcore baby!

What is your favorite movie? (mainstream)

Soooo many but I'm a true romantic: City of Angels, Notebook, all  those girlie

What is your favorite movie? (adult)

Soooo many but I love Digital Playground's "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge"

Favourite Music?

All ...

Favourite Food?


Favourite Colour?


Favourite TV Show?

House...CSI Vegas... Greys Anatomy...entourage...reality shows..

Favourite Animal?

All of 'em apart from bugs!!!!

Your motto for life?


Do you have a fan site like Twitter, MySpace or Facebook?

Yes all of them... twitter- mckenzieleexx Facebook-mckenzie lee and I'm a social media wh**e

What does the future hold for you?

Who knows... let's find out, shall we?

Ten words or less for your fans?



Stunning, British babe McKenzie Lee may be the newest Digital Playground contract star, but she brings a wealth of experience and sexual knowledge to the elite company.  McKenzie's toned, sexy body and exceptionally perverted desires helped her become AVN's coveted Best New Starlet in 2006.  The feisty brunette's reputation for hardcore performances and kinky nature proceeds her wherever she goes.  Anything goes for McKenzie Lee, and she is excited to bring her brazen sexual nature to Digital Playground. 

McKenzie Lee was born in  the proper, country town of Leicester, England.  She grew up loving the outdoors and competing in dressage with her pony--activities fit for a good, British girl.  However, McKenzie was always intrigued by the taboo underside repressed by society's pristine facade.  Dismissing the projected notions of decency, McKenzie decided she wanted to use her blessed looks to become a sex symbol and bring sex to the forefront of English culture.  Once she made up her mind, there was no talking the willful Taurean out of it.  Weighing only 105 pounds, with breath-taking 34DD-24-34 curves, McKenzie was an instant success when she began dancing at gentlemen's clubs in Birmingham, England.  Her popularity grew so fast, she was soon performing in London's best clubs for six years. 

Playboy UK was blown away by McKenzie's beauty and raw sensuality.  McKenzie hosted Playboy's show “Night Callers”.  In 2005, she came to the United States to appear on “Night Calls” and host Playboy's red carpet commentary at the AVN awards.  Americans got a look at the tasty crumpet, and it was love at first sight.  Digital Playground's Founder Joone cast McKenzie in “Jack's Playground 28” and “Jack's Teen America 9” where she received rave reviews leading to her AVN Best New Starlet award. 

The sexually fearless adventurer craves a good shag and loves to push boundaries and take her performances to the extreme.  A competitive nature makes McKenzie dominant when she's with another girl.  Even men have to earn their place on top by fighting with her for every inch of control, but ultimately McKenzie loves to end up on her back--her favorite position. 

With her Digital Playground contract, McKenzie plans to pick up where she left off with the company.  In addition to making high quality gonzo, McKenzie will add blockbuster feature films to her filmography.  Already an established cover model, Digital Playground offers McKenzie an increased visibility and larger platform to continuously be in the public spotlight.  McKenzie Lee promises fans that she will always go above and beyond the norm to give them the best show possible. 

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