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Height 5'7"
Bust 32"
Waist 26"
Hips 33"
Name: Kimberley Diane


Kimberly Diane


Tell us a bit about yourself: Iím Kimberly Diane, 22, an Aries, and born & raised just south of St. Louis, Missouri. Iím a published model and I have been blessed with the chance to be a chameleon in the industry. I am a huge sports fan, I love going to concerts, and I love fishing, travelling, or taking photos. I consider myself the girl-next-door with a sense of humor. Iím extremely laid back & just like to enjoy life. :)

What made you get into modeling?
To be completely honest, I gave modeling a shot b/c I wanted to step out of my comfort zone & build self confidence. I was so shy I couldnít even go into a gas station to buy gum! Yes, seriously. It was also because I wanted to show up those that bullied me or turned me down growing up.

Iím happy to report that I can now buy my own gum & yes, they are eating their words ;)

What do you enjoy about modeling? Modeling lets me express myself & it did eventually build my confidence. It has also allowed me to meet a lot of great people that I wouldnít have otherwise.

Worst part of modeling?
In my opinion there are three things that make it bad. 1) Seeing other models who havenít worked as hard or as long getting better opportunities 2) Seeing other models/photographers/designers working together all the time. Unfortunately it is an industry that does play favorites. Sometimes, you just want to say ďHey! Look at me! Iíd be a great fit!!Ē ---ĖNow after I said that, let me just say that Yes, I am COMPLETELY happy for all of those people, but Iím sure they know how I feel at times, it can suck being on the sideline.
3) People judging you. Youíd be amazed how many times I hear ďOh, I was scared to approach you/talk to you because most models are stuck up!Ē Once they see how laid back I am, they are shocked!

Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of?
Not yet. These days itís hard to find a girl without a tattoo & I feel it makes me more valuable as a model. But once I ďretireĒ I will be getting a few. So far I have planned: a blue morpho butterfly, a little St. Louis arch & city line, and when my parents pass away Iím getting their handwriting from a b-day or Christmas card (saw that idea on Pinterest actually & I love it).

What's your best asset?
Physically- itís tie between my eyes & my butt.
Otherwise I would say my willingness to help others and determination to achieve my goals.

Physically- either the scar on my knee or that Iím 3 inches shorter than what Iíd like to be (Iíd like to be 5í9Ē-5í10Ē). My time management skills arenít the best and sometimes being willing to help others can have its flaws. Unfortunately people tend to take advantage of that.

What are three technological things you cannot live without?
Cell phone, music, & a camera.

How do you relax?
Getting to sleep in on the weekends is when I get to relax. Iím hardly ever by myself to truly get to relax.

Top three things that annoy you?
1) Drivers. More specifically: people that donít use the entire turn lane to slow down & instead slow down on the main road, people that leave their blinkers on, etc.
2) Dramatic Girl/Guy relationship woes: People that go from relationship to relationship, those that are instantly pronouncing theyíre in ďloveĒ not even a month into it, or those that always moan about how theyíll always be alone for forever.
3) People that talk when Iím trying to watch something, read, or listen to a song.

Top three things that make you happy?
1) Helping others. I love to spend time teaching other models how to pose, or just lending clothes for a shoot. I also like to support a few charities & donate money or time when I can.
2) Music. I listen to music from 8-6 every weekday & at night when Iím with people or in my car. I LOVE going to concerts & I get tickled pink when a band or band member follows me on Twitter, haha. 3) The people in my life. Iíd be here all day if I had to list the people & reasons why they make me happy. Itís good to know who I can trust and who I know will always support me.

What is your favourite video game?
I havenít played a video game in a while (game console is in the freezing cold basement + Iím barely home). BUT Iíd have to say I love Soul Calibur (Taki & Xianghua are my girls!). I did attempt COD and I love itÖ just got frustrated since I was a noob & didnít get to play with other noobs. I diedÖ a lot... haha.

Tell us a couple of your hobbies!
I love traveling!!! Iíve been to 30 US states, Canada and Australia thus far. I hope to someday soon take my mom on her dream vacation to Ireland. I am a concert nutÖ so far this year I have attended 16 concerts and there are more to come! I also love going to baseball & hockey games and playing soccer/football.

If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say? I would tell myself that everything will be okay. Youíll get your heart broken, trust the wrong people, & fail at a few things. But never ever give up & there are plenty of people who love you now & will love you later. Keep your head up & continue to follow your dreams. Iíd also tell her to learn about stocks and invest in Apple & Disney pronto!

On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask? Iíd ask my older self if sheís truly happy & has lived life how she wanted. Iíd then ask her is there is anything that I should watch out for or change.

Married, relationship or Single? I am happily spoken for :)

What do you look for in a guy? I look for someone that can take care of themselves. Someone that is responsible and goes for what he wants. A guy that my family will like (especially my brother & mom their approval is needed) and that I can bring around my friends (because their approval is also needed). I like it when they do the little things & show that even though they may not like what Iím interested in, they donít mind participating since it makes me happy (Iíd do the same for them). A guy thatíll take a girl on dates (you can honestly tell if a guy is interested in you or just sex this way). If all he does is invites you over to his houseÖ yeah, better go find someone that will actually take you in public to ďhave a good timeĒ. :)

What is your favorite movie? Itís a tie between Remember the Titans and the 1940ís version of Pride & Prejudice.

Favourite Music? I am a music nut so my favorite is always changing. I can listen to anything from A7X, Thousand Foot Crutch, Greek Fire to Colbie Caillat, Josh Turner, or Sinatra.

Favourite Food? I love sushi & anything spicy.

Favourite Colour? Sky Blue

Favourite TV Show? Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, & How I Met Your Mother.

Favourite Animal? White tiger or a Slow Loris. YouTube a Slow Loris, they have freakishly big eyes but theyíre cute!

Your motto for life? All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Ė Walt Disney

Do you have a fan site like twitter, myspace or facebook?
Twitter: @MissKimberlySTL
Instagram: Kimberly_Diane
LifeClip: KimberlyDiane

What does the future hold for you? No one ever knows. But I hope it leads me down a path of happiness and success!

Ten words or less for your fans? Thank you for the friendship, encouragement and continued support :)

Lastly, any scoops for our readers?
Letís seeÖ Two calendars that Iím in are about to be released Ė The National Patriot Girls & Big St. Charles Motorsports. There is a desktop calendar with me also about to be released. My Luichiny Shoes ad campaign photos will be released this month!!! (super excited about that one). Will be working with Kim Killion in December (watch for me to be on the cover of the next romance novel you pick up!), Iíll be a ring girl at the Titan Tournament of Champions in Jan, & hopefully walking in Kansas City Fashion Week again in Feb. Thatís all thatís planned as of now. :)

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