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Height 5'5"
Bust 36"
Waist 29"
Hips 38"
Name: Kerri Taylor


Kerri Taylor


Tell us a bit about yourself 

I am a full time model/go go dancer from NJ/NYC who has been modeling full time for about 8 years now and Iím obsessed with latex, guinea pigs, and cupcakes . J

What made you get into modeling?

 I submitted to this one casting and ended meeting up with this guy who was producing this show. The show didnít work out because the guy was a total flake, but I am ended up becoming friends with his cameraman, who knew some people. I started doing a few b movies with his other friend and then went to a horror convention with them. When I was there I met more producers who asked me to act in more B-movies. I met a girl on a set that told me about the One Model Place site and I checked it out and put up a profile and started from there. I originally had no intention of ever really modeling as a job, it just seemed like a way to make easy money at the time as a ton of the acting projects I did never got finished or never came out. I originally wanted to be an actress so I wasn't aspiring to be a model at all. Well that changed, and I am now a full time fetish/glamour model who travels all over the United States for work.

What do you enjoy about modeling? 

I like seeing the final product after the shoot. Itís amazing to see the outcome when you did an awesome fetish fashion shoot with crazy makeup, hair, and beautiful latex/corsets. I just feel so sleek and like a superhero when I wear latex. I really like waist cinchers as well as I love how tiny they make my waist look and they just add so much to any outfit. I also love how amazing ballet boots look even though I can barely stand in them. I adore fetish/gothic fashion and definitely gravitate toward darker/ edgier type/highly stylized stuff as opposed to the standard bikini/lingerie modeling.  Itís like becoming another person for a day, like you can't even believe it is you. Itís very different than my normal attire of sweats and t-shirts. haha.  I also love being able to make my own schedule and having the ability to travel around to see the burlesque events and attend the fetish parties. Finally, I love it when a shoot I did gets published. It makes it so much more gratifying when you get your hard work noticed in a publication.

What about nude modeling? 

I shoot nudes because I like to show that you can shoot nude and still be artistic and tasteful :) So many people assume that just because youíre a nude model, youíre a porn star as well. That is so not true.  Artistic nudes are so much different than explicit adult nudes.  Nudity doesnít have to always be sexual. I actually prefer to shoot latex fetish fashion as opposed to nudes as I think shooting just nudes all the time can get quite boring.

Worst part of modeling? 

I hate all the shady people who try to take advantage of young, naive girls and try to push them to do more than they are comfortable with. They promise them all these things or try to rip them off.  A lot of beginner girls may do stuff they donít want to do because they are too afraid to say no. I know girls who did nudes just because a photographer pushed and pushed them to do it even though they didnít want to.  They may pay a shady agency all this money because they are told they need all these pictures to get started then get no work in return. You have no idea how many shady wannabee agents or producers I have come across. All these guys will say they are big producers and can make you a ďstarĒ, can get you in movies and they work for "playboy" blah, blah blah.. They are full of shit usually for the most part.  Also another thing that bothers me, when I started I worked with lots of guys who never gave me one single picture from a tfp shoot. It just sucks when you put time and effort in and then get nothing in return.

Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of? 

Nope, no tattoos

What's your best asset? 

Boobs J I love boobsÖ and my butt. so do a lot of other people J.


I wish my stomach was smaller and more toned. I really need abs.

What are three technological things you cannot live without? 

Laptop, gps , cell phone

How do you relax? 

I go down the shore sometimes as I find walking on the beach and listening to the crashing waves very relaxing. When I am home, I generally play with my guinea pigs, watch my favorite tv shows, and read a good suspense novel.  I like to go to yoga, go kayaking, see broadway plays, burlesque shows,  and go to new restaurants. I also like to go dancing at goth/industrial clubs and  go to haunted houses alot around Halloween.

Top three things that annoy you? 

Smoking, really ghetto people, sloppy drunks

Top three things that make you happy? 

Guinea pigs, cupcakes, dancing

What is your favourite video game? 

I used to play super mario brothers (the one with yoshi the dinosaur) Mario kart, and donkey kong when I was a kid..  

If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say?

I would tell myself to stick with dance so I could become pro and not quit because I had a mean teacher. (They ended up firing him anyway because he was such a jerk.) I would also tell myself to get into internet modeling as soon as I turned 18 instead of waiting years later and to submit to magazines much earlier as well.

On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask? 

 I would ask how did you enjoy your life and did you accomplish everything you wanted too?

Married, relationship or Single? 

Single. Always single lol

What do you look for in a guy?

I adore skinny gothic, punkish type guys. I just love their style. . As far as personality, someone who is nice, genuine, funny, has motivation, and is not a drunk. I hate guys who are arrogant, shady, drunks, ghetto, or losers, and I defiantly donít want a loser who sits on his ass in momís basement drinking beer and smoking weed all day.  I want a bf who is my equal, not someone I have to take care of.

What is your favorite movie? 

Not sure.. I thought frankenweenie was totally cute and nightmare before Christmas. I usually like tim burton stuff. I also like all of the saw series, black swan, and the 40 year old virgin as well.

Favourite Music? 

I like industrial, electro, techno, dance, and pop. I adore conor maynard. (hes a uk artist), lady gaga ,katy perry, depeche mode, marilyn manson(his older stuff), nine inch nails, shiny toy guns, combichrist, wumpscut, suicide commando,  pscylon nine etc.

Favourite Food?  

I love Thai (but not too spicy) and Mexican.

Favourite Colour?

Different shades of Blue or emerald green

Favourite TV Show? 

Deadly women on discovery id(ID)(about women killers) and Cupcake Wars on the food channel. I also love Law and Order :Svu ,Criminal Minds, Family Guy, Beavis and butthead, South Park and The Golden Girls.

Favourite Animal? 

I absolutely LOVE guinea pigs. I am obsessed with them and I have five of them! They are my furry children and are named cannoli, cappuccino, creampuff, cupcake and gingerbread.

Your motto for life? 

Live life without regrets. Do everything you want to do, so you never wonder what if I tried?

Do you have a fan site like twitter, myspace or facebook? (fan page) (personal page) (donít use much)

What does the future hold for you? 

I would like to get published in more print magazines and ads and be in more music videos, tv shows, and commercials.  I love going to burlesque shows, so I would defiantly one day love to perform in one.  I also like to sing, so I would love to do that as well.

Ten words or less for your fans? 

Hope you enjoyed my interview and photos!

Lastly, any scoops for our readers?

I actually did a cool commercial for the tribecca film festival  in nyc where  I was a latex dominatrix alongside a fire breather and a flying hawk.. That was pretty cool. I also have a non-explicit feature coming out in Hustler for Girls of Facebook and some other online interviews coming up too.

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