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Bust 32"
Waist 23"
Hips 33"
Name: Jordan Bunniie


Jordan Bunniie



-  Tell us a bit about yourself.
~ I am a tiny, awkward, traveling model and actress. Born and raised in Southern California, I’m currently living in Dallas, TX. I’m junk food obsessed, bisexual, and in love with all things random.

-  What made you get into modeling?
~ I almost wish there was some epic story, but the simple truth is I’ve always loved performing and being in front of the camera. So I got online one day and started looking for photographers. It all fell into place from there.

- What do you enjoy about modeling? 
~ It is pretty awesome to be able to take the unfinished clay of inspiration, collaborate with other creative people, and turn it into a vibrant visual reality. The creative process can be an addicting thing. Modeling gives me the opportunity to travel, to meet some amazing people, and to make a living at something that doesn’t really feel like work.

- What about nude modeling?
~ Modeling nude gives you a profound sense of freedom. There is plenty of body shaming in the world, but to stand bare in front of a camera allows you to let go of that kind of negativity. Looking at a finished print is a declaration that I love my body and that you should love your body, too. Plus, I just love being naked. ;)

- Worst part of modeling?
~ That’s not an easy question. As a model, sometimes you have to work with people who make you uncomfortable. I’ve never been in a position where I feel unsafe, but putting myself out there often times fully nude and exposed invites all types of people.

- Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of?
~ I love tattoos and I want some of my own. However, that can wait until further down the line in my career or possibly after I’ve moved onto other things. It seems that as body modification becomes more and more accepted, the ability to offer an artist a clean pallet to work from conversely becomes a more rare and valued trait in the photography and fashion industry.

- What's your best asset?
~ My long hair is extremely versatile. I won’t lie, my butt runs a close second, though. I love my butt. :3

- Worst?
~ I can be incredibly disorganized, despite my best efforts not to be.

- What are three technological things you cannot live without?
~ My phone, my laptop, and well… I no longer have my PS3. When the PS4 comes out I will be a happy Bunniie.

- How do you relax?
~ That depends on my mood. I can zone out for hours playing Pokémon on my laptop. Recently, my girl got me into World of Warcraft which she has played for years. Sometimes I just want to watch whatever show(s) my girlfriend, boyfriend, and I are fixated on while eating something delicious and drinking whatever cheap wine we have in the house as we all cuddle up on the bed. Other times relaxing means wasting time online and ignoring the rest of the world.

- Top three things that annoy you?
~ I can’t stand repetitious noises, people who hate others for no valid reason, and peas. Peas annoy the fuck out of me. 

- Top three things that make you happy?
~ The world would be a better place if we all indulged in random acts of kindness. I like animals more than I like most people, and few things can top really good weed.

-  What is your favorite video game?
~ Just one? Pokémon is probably the winner. I’m slightly obsessed.

- If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say?
~ Hang in there, enjoy being a child, and don’t grow up too fast: your life will become awesome later on.

- On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask?
~ After watching tons of time travel movies and shows, I am not sure I want to know. Rule one of time travelling is never to cross your own timeline, duh. ;) 

- Married, relationship or Single?
~ Teehee… I am in an awesome polyamorous triad with two amazing people. I am lucky enough to have a committed boyfriend and a committed girlfriend, both of whom are also dedicated to each other.

- What do you look for in a guy?
~ Can I change “guy” to “person?” I look for personality, a good sense of humor, and honestly I look for the same thing everyone else does: how I connect with that person.

- What is your favorite movie?
~ If I have to pick, it’s a tie between the “Back to the Future” series and “White Oleander.”

- Favorite Music?
I don’t listen to as much music as I once did. Whatever I happen to be listening to could be considered my “favorite” at that moment.

- Favorite Food?
Chicken, and nearly all the ways it can be prepared.

- Favorite Color?
~ I really enjoy red, pink, and black.

- Favorite TV Show?
~ Game of thrones! Fire and Blood!

- Favorite Animal?
~ I think zebras are gorgeous. Bunnies are tied, hence the name. ;)

- Your motto for life?
~ Don’t be a dick. No, really: don’t be a dick.

-  Do you have a fan site like twitter, Flickr or Facebook?
~ Yes! I’m all over the place.

-  What does the future hold for you?
~ The future promises many mysterious and glorious things! Stay tuned!

-  Ten words or less for your fans?
~ I freaking love you guys!

-  Lastly, any scoops for our readers?
~ You mean like ice cream? ;)

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