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Height 5'3"
Bust 28"
Waist 25"
Hips 34"
Name: Hollis Ireland


Hollis Ireland


1. Aaron Green, Indianapolis

2. BHenz, Cincinnati

3. Steve Prue, NYC

4. ST Arts, Dallas

5. Jerry Schlagheck, Cincinnati

6. FlashFire Photography, Washington DC

7. Brian Williams Photography, Indianapolis


Tell us a bit about yourself

In short, I'm a 26-year-old college graduate with an interest in all things eclectic, eccentric, and taboo. I was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, and I'll be relocating to Los Angeles in May of this year. Don't let my girl-next-door looks fool you. My favorite topics are sexuality and death, and I have an affinity for the macabre and paranormal.

What made you get into modeling?

I took an interest in the then-underground "alt girl" modeling scene in my late teens and early twenties. I enlisted the help of an amateur photographer friend to shoot a couple photo sets for submission to what used to be one of the most well-loved, alt pin-up websites at the time. Since I was also an amateur, the sets were rejected, so I began to seek other online opportunities to display my work. I came upon, created a profile and uploaded my images, and my job as a full-time model began from there. After graduating college, I decided to forgo a traditional job search in lieu of creating my own brand as an independent model.

What do you enjoy about modeling?

I absolutely adore the nomadic lifestyle. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a new city every few days over the course of a couple weeks. I love making friends all over the country and getting to visit with them each time I tour.

What about nude modeling?

I am rarely hired to keep my clothes on! Nudes are my bread and butter, and I don't think I could have made a living as a model without shooting them. Believe it or not, I prefer highly-stylized, fashion-type shoots, but my clients almost always hire me to shoot nudes.

Worst part of modeling?

Because I'm an independent worker and so are my clients, I have very little control over unprofessional behavior. There is no boss or corporate office I can phone if a photographer decides to act in an inappropriate manner, nor do I have a credit card number I can run to force a last-minute canceler to pay an industry-standard kill fee. This job is akin to being a waitress. I can generally live off of my income, but it's inconsistent. It's difficult for me because I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and my trust, but I am no stranger to betrayal.

Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of?

I enjoy viewing tattoos just as much as any other sort of visual art, but they are not for me. I'm waiting for the day when I'm the unique one for remaining a blank canvas! I think the recent mainstream popularity of tattoos is diminishing their former bad-ass reputation. Everyone seems to have tattoos now, and that's exactly why I've chosen to keep my skin clean.

What's your best asset?

My legs. I'm short, and my legs account for most of my body. My great grandmother won a contest in her youth for "Best Legs," and I definitely inherited mine from her. I also have a fairly nice butt for a skinny, white girl.


I have a very short torso, so when I gain weight, it all goes to my waistline. I have to pose in ways that extend my torso and accentuate my rib cage to smooth out body wrinkles and create curves.

What are three technological things you cannot live without?

Although I know it's probably cliché, I cannot live without my iPhone. I purposely kept myself from Smart Phones because I knew I would immediately become addicted. It's essential for doing business on the road, though. My laptop would probably come in second, and my boyfriend's XBox would be third.

How do you relax?

I love the outdoors! As long as the weather is warm and the sun is shining, you can find me outside. Exploring the natural surroundings of the places I visit while touring is my favorite way to spend my down-time. If I'm near the ocean or a clear spring, I cannot resist snorkeling. It's my top outdoor activity. I'm fairly certain I was a mermaid in another life because I crave time near the water.

Top three things that annoy you?

1. Babies (Unless it's the child of a close friend or family member, I'm not a fan of children beneath the walking/talking stage.)
2. Disrespectful fans (The fact that I am comfortable enough with my body to want to share it as art does not mean I'm easy, need attention, or enjoy hearing my most private lady parts commented upon. If you're a fan who wants to chat, talk to me about horror movies, my favorite foods, or places I've visited.)
3. Cold weather (Unless it's above 65F with some humidity, you can bet I'm cold!)

Top three things that make you happy?

1. My boyfriend
2. Dark or macabre art and history (Think taxidermy, both rogue and traditional; horror-themed jewelry, movies, and photography/painting; controversial, in-your-face, or otherwise offensive art; serial killer history and themed art; and real-life gore.)
3. Diving into crystal-clear ocean waters and being surrounded by underwater life

What is your favourite video game?

As embarrassed and square as it makes me feel, I must admit that I've never really played a video game in my entire life. I'm always on-the-go, and I can't stand sitting around the house unless I'm working. I've always chosen to be outdoors or actively socializing over learning to game. However, I LOVE guys that are into video games! I've always been highly attracted to intelligence in men, and that has, of course, led me to date a lot of tech geeks and gamers. I'll take skinny, pale, and nerdy over long, tan, and handsome any day! I pride myself on being a supportive girlfriend when it comes to the gaming habits and interests of my man.

If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say?

I would tell my very-young self to just keep waiting. My mother was fairly confused by and oppressive of my odd, eccentric interests as a child. It sometimes felt like I would never reach the freedom of adulthood. I had a tough time with my mother's direction because she and I couldn't be any more opposite. I would also inform my younger self that, much to her surprise, she would be on very good terms with her mother after gaining some independence.

On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask?

I would ask, "How did you do it?" I believe much more in choice than any sort of pre-destination, which sometimes makes decisions even scarier. Figuring out what step to take next is constantly on my mind.

Married, relationship or Single?

I'm in a long-term, serious relationship with a wonderful man I've known since we were freshmen in college. We separated for a while after he left our university, but reconnected last summer after he moved back to Bloomington, IN, where I've been living for the past year. He is a gamer who will probably take up reading this magazine after seeing my interview here!

What do you look for in a guy?

He absolutely must be intelligent and a deep thinker. I am apposed to frat guy types, "bros," and gym rats. My type is much more Ryan Matthew Cohn from TV's "Oddities" or Edward Norton than Brad Pitt. If he's not mostly nerdy and weird (in a good way), then I'm probably not interested.

What is your favorite movie?

I love weird art pieces like Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist" or "Melancholia." I also dig anything remotely horror-themed, from crime dramas like "Seven" to gore fests like "A Nightmare on Elm Street."

Favourite Music?

I only dance to industrial for the most part, but I enjoy listening to all sorts of music. A few of my favorite artists/bands include Tori Amos, REM, A Perfect Circle, and Tool.

Favourite Food?

I'm a huge foodie! Seafood and Asian are my favorites, but I love to try anything. I'm a proud carnivore who loves less traditional meats like goat, lamb, and duck.

Favourite Colour?


Favourite TV Show?

The X-Files

Favourite Animal?

My favorite domestic animal is the ferret, and my favorite exotic creature is the red panda.

Your motto for life?

"It's a very dangerous thing to do exactly what you want" -The Flaming Lips

Do you have a fan site like twitter, myspace or facebook?

MySpace still exists? Hahaha! You can find me at and Photographers should contact me at

What does the future hold for you?

My coming move to LA is my first step in finding a new career. My goal is to be employed using my college degree by the end of this year. I've been yearning for something more career-oriented for a while. I'm no spring chicken by modeling standards, and I feel like it is the right time to work towards retiring into another field. I'd like to stay within the genre of alternative culture, but I'm bored with being the talent. I'd like to work in special events or on the business side of the adult industry. I think I have a lot of knowledge from my time as a traveling, nude entrepreneur that would translate well into a career working for a company like Adult Video News.

Ten words or less for your fans?

Don't be afraid to contact me if you are respectful! :)

Lastly, any scoops for our readers?

Just because I'm seeking retirement from modeling doesn't mean that I'm going out quietly! I've recently been graciously gifted with my own column in Sinical Magazine, and I'll be starting a blog for Sinical's website once I'm settled in my new home in LA. Keep an eye on my profile at Zivity ( for new photo sets and contests, where fans can pay to vote on my photo sets to earn some too-sexy-for-Zivity, never-before-seen photos. I'm also selling unreleased images from my larger portfolio to fans on my Tumblr blog, so there is still a chance to get a piece of Hollis Ireland before I pack her away for good.

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10. Alatus Photography, Chicago

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