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Sheridyn Fisher Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself – Sheridyn Fisher, 24 year old International model from the Central Coast. I am a huge sci–fi movie buff and have a HUGE obsession with Predator and Aliens. I enjoy collecting Dark Horse and DC comics. I like Dirt Bike riding, playing Soccer, painting and drawing, camping, fishing and spending time with my animals. I own a Husky called Kendra and a Rottweiler called Predator (after my favourite movie of course).

I am also run a model agency called Vixen Management with my partner Emily. I am also a photo editor, makeup artist and have just launched my own swimwear line “Sheridyn Swim”. I am a very focused business woman.

I am the Face of Playboy Australia and travel the country representing the brand for photoshoots and events. I also love going to the Playboy Mansion in the USA and spending time with my gorgeous girlfriends and Hef. I love the parties and the feel of the mansion, it's really a beautiful place with beautiful people. 

What made you get into modeling? I was 15 and was approached in Sydney about doing some modelling. I thought it was a prank as I was never popular growing up! I ended up trying it out and then entered into some model search competitions. I always enjoyed the creative side of modelling, coming up with concepts and being more of a hand’s on model with creating ideas and theme’s to shoot and doing make up etc. 

What do you enjoy about modeling? Being a Gemini I enjoy the freedom it gives me to be doing something different all the time. I am always looking for the next adventure as I find it hard to sit still. I love the places it takes me and the amazing people I meet and work with. I would have not left the Central Coast if it wasn’t for modelling. So this has really allowed me to see Australia and the World and do amazing things that are just so different. I used to dream about what I do now as a child. I have always put in a lot of hard work, time and effort to get where I am now so its been a very rewarding journey. 

How did you become “Face of Playboy Swim 2010” for the video game Mafia II? I entered into a model search for Bras N Things to becoming the Face of Playboy Swim. I made the top 4 for Australia and ended up being named the winner. It was one of the best and happiest moments of my life and I am so very thankful to the amazing team at Bras N Things for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. It has been an incredible journey and I love modelling for Bras N Things and Playboy.

I became the ambassador of Mafia 2 because of its link to Playboy and the fact that I am a tomboy and love playing games. 

What are three technological things you cannot live without? My IPhone, Computer and PS3  

What is your favourite video game? I love Mafia 2, the story line is amazing and I think it is visually incredible. I have had a lot of fun playing it. I also love Red Dead Redemption at the moment too. I finished the new Aliens VS Predator game, and even though I'm a huge fan, I was a bit upset by its lack of levels for each character and I just wanted more from the game... 

Married or Single? Engaged :) 

What do you look for in a guy? I like a boy boy, someone who’s not afraid to get dirty, has to love sci–fi and movies, must love games and I have a thing for chubby guys :) 

What is your favourite movie? PREDATOR! Did I already mention I have an obsession? I have 2 predator figures beside my TV and a limited edition movie poster from when it first came out. I know every line in the movie. Aliens would be my second favourite movie. I even named my dog predator. I have predator stuff everywhere and annoy my friends with it. None of my girl friends like sci–fi, so I find it hard to mix with girls sometimes. I'd prefer to have a movie marathon at home then go to the club. I’m always doing Predator sketches and collect the comics. When I have kid’s I'm going to call my daughter Sigourney. I also have this “tweek” that I am always quoting and saying lines from movies and apply them day to day – sometimes I feel like rain man but I have been doing it since I was a kid, I’m a bit weird like that.

Favourite Music? I love bands like the Used, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, disturbed etc, but I also like rnb.  

Favourite Food? Lentil soup, and steamed veggies and salmon! I don’t eat any red meat at all, only fish and I love to be very organic and healthy. 

Favourite Colour? I like blue, silver and pink. 

Favourite TV Show? SOUTH PARK & Big Bang Theory. I have all the south park box set’s currently available and love to watch them all the time.

Favourite Animal? I’d have to say dogs as my dogs are my world. And ferrets, I have a pet ferret Tinkerbell too! I also love tigers, horses and lions. 

Your motto for life? I believe if you work hard to achieve your dreams anything is possible 

Do you have a fan site like twitter, MySpace or FaceBook?

Thanks Sheridyn!



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