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Impulsegamer were given the chance to the interview the lovely Riley Steele and Kayden Kross of Digital Playground during their whirlwind visit to Australia for Adultex,  the Southern Hemisphere's largest gathering of Adult Industry manufacturers and retailers. Also promoting their latest Australian DVD and Blu-ray release, the pair sat down at lunch and told us about Kayden's hunt for Wombats and some of their secret projects! Guyleen Rose, director of marketing and publicist from Digital was also there to help out and explain a few things about the industry!

So how long are you in Australia for?

Kayden: Till Tuesday and we've just finished an awesome photo shoot with Australian Penthouse House

Riley: We've got some really nice photos together and it was our first photo shoot together. Andrew K was the photographer, he's great! I worked with him last time I was in Melbourne.


You both sound very busy here, do you have any time for yourself here?

Kayden: I have the last day to myself for Wombats! Wombats are my mission here in Australia. I must see wombats and I feel that if I don't see them, I've done everyone a disservice.

Why Wombats?

Kayden: They are so Australian and apparently they are dangerous at high speeds, they can knock you over. And they poo squares, did you know that?

No I didn't?

Kayden: They sure do and Cubic faeces.  That's exciting for me.  I've never seen anything that poops cubes before.

Guyleen - We're on a quest for wombat dung pictures for twitter!

You've done your research Kayden... do they steal babies as well?

Kayden: *laughs* That would make them more exciting *Aussie Accent* A dingo ate your baby! *laughs*

Anything else planned beside Wombat hunting?

Kayden: ADULTEX mostly which goes for four days.

Riley: Yeah and we're both going to be featured at Spearmint Rhino, be at a signing at Club X in Coburg and a live chat at Red Hot Pie. They're doing a Body Heat giveaway!

Kayden: On Friday we're going to a fetish themed night. I'm going naked! It's a nice theme, it's a porn theme. We're going to bejewel our boobies.

Are you guys over your jetlag?

Riley: You know, I'm starting too and I'm taking things slowly so I should be good.

Kayden: I'm just stoked to be here!

Riley, you've been to Australia before right?

Riley: Yeah... Sydney and Melbourne. I love Australia. It's probably the only place besides America that I could see myself living here... just for a little while because I love America.

Why do you like Australia?

Riley: Because it reminds of America *laughs* But it's really good over here and you guys are really friendly.


So are you promoting Top Guns in Australia?

Kayden: A little bit, we're promoting it everywhere. It's actually a universal thing but it's actually Body Heat over here.

Guyleen:  There's a delay in the releases in Australia and XXX is cut down to X. It's something about that your censors don't feel that the storyline should contain violence, death or tragedy. I guess the violence we put in our movies shouldn't be mixed with the sex because they shouldn't influence the other.

Kayden: We disagree though.

There's no violence in Top Guns right?

Riley: That's what I thought too?

Guyleen: They killed that Korean in the dog fight who wasn't actually Korean but Chinese! *laughs*

I thought the only violence in Top Guns was a particular star falling off a bench in a locker?

Riley: That was Kayden!

Kayden: Yeah that was me from Top Guns! I hurt my finger quite badly.  I had to masturbate with my left hand, it was brutal... very very hard work as well.

It looked painful

Kayden: Let me tell you! It was real!

Scott Nails looks quite amused after the incident as they were trying to nail the two benches together.

Kayden: Yeah, the came in with the riveter, I mean the drill. A little late!

What about you Riley, have you injured yourself in a scene?

Kayden: Yeah, any sexual injuries?

Riley: No but lots of blowjobs on the side!

Kayden: We should have a contest to see who can outblow! *laughs*

Kayden: I've had two injuries and it's the same finger every time. I've fallen on my head more than once. I've been dropped more than once! I've had lights fall on me. This was all Adam & Eve... not Digital Playground.

So is that just your old production company or are you clumsy?

Kayden: Both!

Riley: I'm really clumsy and I'm always falling down. I don't pay attention enough. *laughs*

What's it like playing rivals in a movie?

Riley: It's fun!

Kayden: It makes the sex great! It's my favourite scene in that movie. That kind of tension coming into a big scene is so much fun. It makes it just explode.

What about the cool uniforms?

Kayden: I'm not sure if I like the uniforms ever but that's because there big and bulky and add weight. The boots... the work boots are the worst because they are hard to get off. We did work boots in both movies, Body Heat and Top Guns!


Guyleen:  And you have to keep them on for the scenes

Riley: Yeah, they always want us to leave our shoes on because there like it's the theme.


What about Robby D, what's he like?

Riley: I love Robby D., he's great to work and he's such a genius. It's such a blast to be on set because it's not like your on set, it's like a holiday in some million dollar mansion.

Kayden: He's a passionate director and being on set is like being in a family. Also, he does so much with the budget he's working with. You really see the quality that he puts out compared to some mainstream movies. Literally, he has fraction of a percentage of their budgets and he creates these projects that can really rival these Hollywood movies. He's pretty friggin smart.

If you guys could run Digital Playground for a month, what movie would you make or what would you do?

Kayden: It would be called Kayden and Riley and we'd get a HUGE raise. *laughs* Guyleen too!

Riley: I think that they should let us run it for a month *Kayden joins in* to run the accounting department. We have lots of ideas too but we don't want to give our secrets away

Kayden: I think that we should do the little Rascals and the Double Mint *sings*  Double your pleasure, Double the fun! *laughs*

And which rascal would you be?

Kayden: I want to be Darla... actually, no I want to be Alfalfa.. no, the dog! *laughs* I don't know, it would be a fun idea... the Little Rascals Grow up.

Kayden: American Pie would be fun to do and we wouldn't have to change the title

Guyleen: Yeah right!

You could put an S at the end, "American Pies"?

Riley:  Yeah American Pies!


What's the next film you guys are making?

Kayden: We can't talk about it, it's top secret super shit.

Riley - Oh... it's so good though. The one we just shot is better than Top Guns, it's better than anything ever. Honestly, I believe this is going to be Robby's career performance of a life time. This is going to be huge.

Guyleen: It's a September release

Has it all been filmed yet?

Riley: Yeah before we got here, we just wrapped up and finished shooting. It will have all the Digital Playground stars in it. We've been doing a lot bigger feature films together which has been fun because you get to hang with the girls and everything.

Can you say what the themes about?

Kayden: NOPE! We can say it's AWESOME

Guyleen: But Babysitters II they shot in February is coming out in June though

What about mainstream, any more mainstream appearances for you both?

Riley: Let's see, no more mainstream movies but I did shoot something which I can't talk about and I've got a few more things

Kayden: I've got another mainstream role but I can't tell you about it. The answer is YES!

You're both very busy then, what do you do in your downtime to chill out?

Kayden: We sleep and tweet! I literally go to the gym, then come back home. There's no time off and when we're not working, we're getting ready to work.

Guyleen: it's true, there's a lot of time and money that goes into keeping your appearances up. They invest in themselves.

Kayden: You know, it's all about boys, boys, boys.

What's your work out routines?

back down to Southern California. He was in training and now he's going to be in LA again. He'll be back in my regime!

Riley: I want to ride horses too...on the beach.

Kayden: Let's do it!


You both live in California or somewhere else in the states?

Kayden: Yeah, we're both in LA.

Guyleen: There the only two girls based in LA and there pretty much always busy because LA is where it all happens.

Do you still have your rabbit Kayden?

Kayden: I have two know, I've adopted another one. Two little potty trained rabbits who have taken over my bed. There's mutts!


Riley: I have two kitties, I miss them so bad as I've been gone since the first of April. I feel so guilty. I was in Romania before Australia shooting for Cinemax.

Ok...are you iPhone or Blackberry girls?

Riley: iPhones definitely!

Kayden: It keeps all your social networking in order. Your twitter, your everything!

Do you play games on it?

Kayden - YES! Words with Friends & Angry Birds

Riley: I don't play that many games on it ... I don't have many apps on it either, except Twitter.

Kayden: I have Twitter, Facebook, tumblr and Amazon... Amazon wish list!

Riley: I'm always losing my phone or breaking it and getting new ones. There's no point in me putting anything on it because I'll just lose it.

Kayden: Do you get them in discount or buy them in bulk?

Riley: Yeah, I should... just buy them in bulk, it would be a lot easier.

Do you still blog for Xcritic?

Riley: Yeah, we both do.

Kayden: I also have a blog called unkrossed too.


Do you write much?

Kayden: When I'm inspired! I just put a post up today at unkrossed, my first fiction piece.

It looks very long!

Kayden: Did you see it? Did you read it? *evil glare*

No but I will, I promise!

Kayden: Good! I'm very proud of that piece!

Guyleen: it's really good.

Kayden: Sometimes I write two pieces a day and other times, I'll go months without writing something.

Riley: That's how I feel and I hate having to write when I'm forced too.

Kayden: It's like writing a book work, it's homework.

Riley: Yeah, that's why I like Twitter because you can write whatever.

Is there a competition between you guys who has the most Twitter fans? You're both pretty high up there.

Riley: I think everyone wants to have the most Twitter fans.

Kayden: Who does have the most Twitter fans? It's Bree Olsen right? Especially since the Charlie Sheen thing?

What about creepy fan stories, do you have any of those?

Kayden: Fans are generally cool as we're not generally doing crazy shit or we're attracted to crazy shit. We get more the mainstream fans like frat boys, the business men, blue collar workers, the people who appreciate good porn. They don't need something extra to get there, they just like sex... and healthy sex for typically healthy people.

What's your favourite move that you made?

Kayden: Top Guns is pretty cool, that was fun. The Smiths was great too.

Riley: I did Fly Girls that I probably liked the best.

What advice would you give girls wanting to get into the industry?

Kayden: If you put a sponge in, don't put it so far in that it's out of reach and you can't get it back out. *laughs*

Riley: *laughs* or your publicist or best friend!

Kayden: The one thing I say is that you need a mentor or someone who has been in the industry because it seems that porn is a simple thing but it's a fucking onion and the second you figure out one layer, there are several more layers and you're like Holy Fuck. And then at the core, there's politics and everyone's related some way or another. Someone slept with someone or someone's divorced from someone. It's just weird. There's so many personal histories in such a small place, porn is like an incestuous industry that you need someone there to tell you what's going on and what's important.

Kayden: Even knowing how to deal with fans because you're going into a world that is backwards where you've been coming from. Everything you have been socialised to behave is the opposite and suddenly you have to be open in a way you've been told not too. And then suddenly you have to be patient in a world that's totally opposite and then on top of that you have to be outgoing, friendly and unique. And not that you aren't that but you have to find a way to be that to a particular fan base without alienating anyone by saying or doing something that is normal in the real-world. It's crazy... CRAZY!

So you have your secret identity?

Kayden: It's not a secret identity but you literally have to re-socialise yourself to be normal in porn. It's crazy. The fact that when I first got in, what did I say... I told fans that you can't buy me, stop trying too and I got backlash for that. In the real world, if I say, no I'm not for sale, people go yeah you, that's great but in porn, if you say it in a way that you look down on it, you get bitten on the ass and that's not something you would think of right?

Kayden: I mean don't you assume that it's normal to walk around and say you're a hooker? You  never get use to what's normal in porn and then when you're in the real world, you start doing shit that's not "normal" and people look at you weird and say "WHAT"?

Riley: Definitely .

So who was your mentor?

Kayden: I had a couple of hard knocks, I learned the hard way. Mike South ended up taking me under his wing when I was a year in which made a lot of difference. I mean, he's not right all the time but he pointed me in the right direction like blogs, chat rooms, fan sites that I never knew existed. I mean you interact with fans there, catch up on news, see what's happening in the business and that's another thing, a lot of people who are in the business like press or whatever sometimes seem like fans and they're not. You're thinking that they are stepping on my toes and then you find out that he's an editor of a major publication and now they're a big deal and you don't know. You really need to know the difference immediately and know who you can talk to and those that are crossing the line. It's a tiny world and you need to know who is a player and who is not.

Does it help that you are with Digital Playground?

Kayden: Digital Playground will hold your hand and be that mentor. Absolutely.

Guyleen: I'm their screener and if someone from the outside approaches, they go through me. I determine whether or not they're legitimate?


Like when a photographer comes along?

Guyleen: Yeah... there's lots of photographers, journalists, bloggers... even people who think that stars are escorts. I emphatically state that they are not escorts, like Stoya. If you follow Stoya's twitter when someone asks her this, she's like... Hmm... still not a hooker! She's right back at ya!

What about you Riley? Who was your mentor?

Riley: Jesse was my mentor which helped me come into Digital Playground. She basically held my hand and told me who's legitimate and who's not. It's an important thing. It's really sad, there are so many people out there who want to take advantage of girls and make money off them. It's usually the sweet innocent girls who don't know their worth that are taken advantage of.

Riley: When you first got into porn, it's so different now then when you first got into it because you know so much now. It's like learning a whole new world and then you go onto a mainstream set and say something wrong, like don't you masturbate on the set? Porn is way much more fun!

Kayden: You definitely forget that your porn world is not normal to the rest of the world. So often than not, your talking about your work as a matter of fact like anal leakage and everyone around is turning their heads looking at you. You're like oblivious to it. For example, Seymour (ADULTEX) had a giant poster in the elevator of fetish model with the words fetish on it and Guyleen didn't see that this older woman and her husband get into the elevator and Seymour is like trying to stand in front of the poster to cover it. Guyleen's like, that's cool, you should put a wiener in there *laughs* and this women was quite stern and couldn't wait to get out of the elevator. I mean, that's like normal to us.

Anything you like to say to your Australian fans?

Kayden:  We fucking love you guys. You guys seem to purchase our porn more than those downloader's we deal with in America. Thankyou for that! Keeps us in business. You guys are also very accepting of us. There's no one protesting here or people being assholes.

Riley: Yeah, like the protests outside AVN every year. They protest against us.

Kayden: Condom protestors, ex-porn business people or people who have no affiliation to our industry and have never been on a set or don't know the pros, cons and safeties or anything. They our out there telling us to wear condoms in our scenes. It effects them in no way or another. We're not like leaning on the social budgets that somehow pulls  money out of their pockets or puts them at risk.  And there out there with the fucking picket signs saying Condoms Mandatory. I'm like fuck you, why don't I come into your bedrooms and tell you what to do with your dick bitch!

Kayden: But hey, we're here now and we love it!

Riley: Thanks guys!

Thank you Riley, Kayden and Guyleen!

To keep following the wonderful and colourful Adventures of Riley Steele and Kayden Kross, follow them on Twitter at Kayden Kross (Kayden_Kross) on Twitter and rileysteele (rileysteele) on Twitter


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