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PC Reviews: WinFax Pro 10.0

"WinFax Pro version 10.0 is the perfect solution for the home-user and business that require a powerful program that will allow their computers to send and receive faxes without the need to purchase an additional fax machine."

Many of today's computer users are pleasantly unaware that their computers can also be used to send and receive faxes, although in order for this to happen, an additional piece of software is required. By default, Windows XP has an inbuilt function that allows for this capability but unfortunately it is quite limited and must be installed manually. Symantec have come to the rescue of computer users with WinFax 10.0 that not only supports all the features of a Fax machine but also allows you to import a whole variety of file formats.

WinFax Pro 10.0 Review

The installation of WinFax 10.0 on Windows XP Professional was extremely easy and auto-loaded from the CD once it was inserted. The installation itself took around five minutes to install the program and to configure the modem for sending and receiving faxes. Unfortunately a reboot was required once the software was successfully installed. WinFax Pro 10.0 also supports Microsoft Outlook and imported my contacts from this program without any errors. 

Symantec's WinFax Pro 10.0 bundle comes with a CD and a printed manual of over 140 pages. The manual is quite comprehensive and features the ins and outs of the program such as receiving faxes, methods of sending faxes and logs to name a few of the topics. 

Once the installation was complete, I finally ran the program and was greeted with an interface that included a Fax Outbox, Receive Log, Send Log, Cover Pages, Phonebook and WinFax Attachments. I was quite surprised at howeasy it was to send a fax, all you had to do was simply click on the send buttonand a window then appeared (similar to a send e-mail in Outlook) so you couldenter the relevant data such as the receiver, Number, Company, Recipients andSubject. Another impressive feature of WinFax is that it allows a variety of different file types and even has an inbuilt OCR that allows it to scan incoming faxes that convert to text.

WinFax Pro 10.0 is also fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook that makes the transfer of data extremely simple. It also supports a wide variety of file formats that include word, excel, HTML, Lotus 123 and rich text files to name a few. The program alsocontains a bevy of different templates (& Facsimile Cover Pages) that allowto have and create your own professional fax templates. WinFax also has aninbuilt spell checker so you can be guaranteed that your faxes reach theirintended destination without any errors. If your information is a hardcopy suchas a document or photo, you can also send this information via the integratedscan feature of WinFax that lets you use your existing scanner as a fax machine.

In conclusion,Symantec's WinFax Pro 10.0 is the perfect software addition to those users whowish to integrate a fax capability into their personal computer system. Not onlydoes it allow for a wide variety of formats but also lets you tweak your faxsettings for speed, quality and an overall professional result. HighlyRecommended!

- Andrew B

The Final Say!


WinFax Pro 10.0 reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 5 February 2003
Review Score: 9/10 
Distributor: Symantec

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