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PC Reviews: Vietcong: Purple Haze


The Final Say!




Vietcong: Purple Haze - 
reviewed by Andrew B & Tory Favro
Review Score: 8.8/10 
Distributor: Take 2 Interactive

Bringing together the original hit Vietcong (click here to read the review) , plus the thrills of the add on pack Fist Alpha, Purple Haze is a great way to get into this game at a very affordable price.

For those who wish to create some of their own magic within the game you will be pleased to know that there is a map editor included in this box that should keep you going for some time. The game's community is fully behind the release and there are some resources on http://vietcong.lobogames.com/index.php

so be sure to have a look see.

Nothing really has changed with this title in terms of the quality of both the video and audio and people who have not played the title will be very pleased with their purchase. This is a very strong game and the first of it's kind to tackle the Vietnam Era in this genre.

Add to that a comprehensive multiplayer mode where you can play as either the allied forces or the Vietcong and you know that you are in for a jam packed gaming session either over a LAN or the internet. Recommended.



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