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PC Reviews: Terminet Personal Firewall

August 2003 was one of the worst months for internet users worldwide because of two malicious worms (programs that reside in active computer memory and replicate themselves that not only infect the host computer but also other computers that have come in contact with the host) that not only crippled the Windows XP operating system but also Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express.

These two worms basically crippled millions of computers world-wide and unlike viruses that infect programs and e-mails, these worms infected computers via internet connections and only users who had firewalls were relatively safe.

What is the solution? The solution is to install all the latest Windows updates from Microsoft and to install a third party firewall program such as Terminet Personal Firewall that protects your computer while you browse the web. Terminet Personal Firewall is a relatively new firewall program on the Australia market but has received much European acclaim.

Terminet Personal Firewall offers the home and business user the following features that not only protects your personal computer but also offers peace of mind.

  • Blocks online intrusions
  • Keeps your personal information private
  • Advanced rule capability for customized applications
  • Secures your PC automatically
  • Exclusive! Automatic firewall stealth mode configuration sets up appropriate firewall rules for Invisible Surfing
  • Improved! Internet Parental Control (learn more)

  • Easy to Use!  Global White/Black Lists to Setup for "Good" Sites and "Bad" Sites

  • Unique! Block Notification When Intruders are Detected

  • Improved! Intrusion Protection alerts you when a hacker tries to scan your PC for vulnerability.

  • Best of all! Maintains System Speed

In laymen's terms, Terminet Personal Firewall acts as a shield and filter for when you connect to the internet that basically turns you into an invisible entity on the internet to protect your system from harm.

The installation of Terminet Personal Firewall, unlike some of the more popular Firewalls was extremely easy and once the installation was completed, the computer was rebooted and the system was then protected. The first thing you will notice when the installation is complete is that there is now a new icon in the system tray. This icon is the Terminet Personal Firewall program and by double clicking on the icon, you can then monitor the firewall or change a variety of features. I would only recommend that you change the features if you are a professional computer user as the standard settings are more than adequate for the home user.

The interface of Terminet Personal Firewall is easily the most intuitive firewall interface that I have ever used at Impulsegamer and it is basically a replica of the Windows Explorer interface that just about every computer user will be comfortable using. Many firewall programs use their own complicated interface that has options hidden everywhere, this is not the case in Terminet as everything is readily accessible.

Probably the most useful features of the program is the "Stealth Mode" feature and the "Parental Control" feature. Stealth Mode allows the user to safely surf the internet and allows you to visit any website on the internet but all incoming information (for example, web sites checking your computer for marketing information or users trying to gain unauthorised access are blocked). Terminet also keeps a log of internet traffic and also displays logs of unauthorised access attempts. Whereas the Parental Control feature allows conscientious parents to control the web sites that are accessed by their children. This feature also allows you to monitor internet activity that is then translated into log files that can be accessed by the parent to ensure that their child's safety is not violated. Various accounts can also be created with Terminet that can be used for a variety of computer users such as children, family and even for business users that connect to the internet.

In conclusion, Terminet Personal Firewall is the perfect piece of software for your computer system, whether old or new as not only does it keep your information safe but also protects your system from intrusions. The installation was Terminet was flawless and the user interface is extremely simple, hence ensuring that this software program caters from novice to professional. One last impressive feature of Terminet is that it uses only a minimal amount of memory so that your computer is not slowed down in any way while using the computer or the internet. Highly Recommended!

- Andrew B

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Terminet Personal Firewall
Review Date: 31 August 2003

Distributor: Manaccom

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