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PC Reviews: Spy Cleaner

Spyware is one of the most violating pieces of software that automatically gets installed on your computer while you surf the internet. Many users are oblivious to spyware and actually do not realise that their computer system has been violated. Spyware comes in a variety of different forms such as internet cookies and programs that monitor your web browsing habits.

Once these programs are installed on your computer, they automatically send back information to companies and shady internet users that contain not only your own personal information but even credit card details. There is even spyware program that actually records and sends keystrokes back to a central database which is the biggest information  violation on the internet.

You may think that this is ridiculous or unbelievable as this sort of thing only happens in the movies but unfortunately you are dead wrong. There is however a solution and this solution is to install a spy cleaner on your computer that automatically searches for spyware and removes it. Spy Cleaner, a program that is distributed by Manaccom Australia is one solution and at a recommended retail price of $29.95, it offers the perfect solution against this malign threat.

The installation of Spy Cleaner was super quick and took a little under a minute to install on Windows XP. Once the installation was completed, the program then proceeded to scan my hard drive for spyware and after a few minutes, it discovered a plethora or programs, cookies and even registry entries of spyware. Once the scan was completed, Spy Cleaner then displayed a list of all the spyware programs and with a simple click, it automatically uninstalled these programs and my system was once again free of spyware.

Spy Clean also comes with Spy Monitor that is a memory resident program that runs in the background of your computer. This program silently monitors your internet connection and if you happen to cross a web site that installs spyware, Spy Monitor will automatically notify you to ensure that your system is free of this troublesome advertising tool.

In conclusion, Spy Cleaner is a brilliant program that I would recommend to all internet users because spyware will only get more intelligent. This program prevents any unauthorised monitoring of your internet connection, prevents your system being as a marketing ploy and keep your privacy safe. With an affordable price of $29.95, Spy Cleaner is the perfect solution to protect yourself against this unauthorised violation. Highly Recommended!

- Andrew B

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Spy Cleaner
Review Date: 3 September 2003

Distributor: Manaccom

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