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PC Reviews: Steganos Security Suite

Steganos Security Suite is the latest in software encryption that protects your personal computer information from unwanted eyes. As information comes in many different forms, Steganos Security Suite offers users a variety of programs to protect the security of their information, whether this is in e-mails,  hard drives or while they surf the net.

Steganos use a powerful 128-bit encryption algorithm to protect information. The encryption is so powerful that it would virtually take over a billion computers, generating one billion attempts per second to break the encryption code. In laymen's terms, this would take millions of years to try every key combination in order for them to gain access to your data.

Steganos not only protects home computer users but also businesses who do not wish to compromise their business security.

I'm always a little bit dubious when installing encryption programs on my computer as I fear that if I accidentally type my password incorrectly, I will never be able to gain access to my computer again. Nervously putting the installation CD into my CD-ROM, the program automatically loaded and asked whether I wished to continue. As the life of a reviewer is sometimes hard, I sceptically clicked next and in a few short minutes, Steganos Security Suite was installed on my computer.

Once my computer was rebooted, I then proceeded to run Steganos and I was greeted with an extremely user-friendly interface that slowly started vanquishing my fears. The Steganos Security Suite Center contained 9 different icons that included Open Safe, Internet Trace Destructor, Lock computer, encrypt e-mail, Steganos File Manager, Shredder, Password Manager, Settings and of course Help. One by one I proceeded to check out each category and eventually I was at total ease with the software package.

The Open Safe utility allows you to create an encrypted partition of information on your hard drive. This new partition is known as a virtual drive and while the safe is open, you can freely access this information and by closing the safe, the drive disappears and is inaccessible by anyone on your computer. Another feature of Steganos is the "Internet Trace Destructor", a favourite here at Impulsegamer because of the amount of time that our staff are on the internet. The Internet Trace Destructor is a utility that protects your internet privacy by eliminating internet traces, cookies or any information that is readily accessible by web sites. For instance, some web sites can get a detailed listing of what web sites that you have visited and find other useful information such as your e-mail address and name. Steganos had now put a speedy halt to this.

The "Lock Computer" feature is basically a computer lock that prevents anyone from accessing your desktop computer or laptop. Without the correct password, no one can gain access to your computer and your personal information. This ideal for businesses who have employees using laptops and even if the laptop was stolen, the thief would never be able to access the data. Another feature for  businesses is the "Shredder" that permanently destroys files from your hard drive. When you delete a file from your hard drive, it still remains on the hard drive but is unavailable to the common computer user. These files are eventually destroyed when they are overwritten with new information on your computer such as new files or temp files. For an advanced IT specialist or hacker, they can still gain access to this information via the binary or hexadecimal numbering system on your computer, Steganos now totally wipes this information from your hard drive. These are just some of the many features of Steganos Security Suite.

Steganos Security Suite is the perfect accessory for your computer & for those that want total protection and privacy of information. The only downside of this version of Steganos is no native Windows XP support but I'm sure after time, XP will be supported. I would highly recommend this to people who have a lot of people accessing their computer system and for businesses that do not want valuable business or client information getting out. Recommended to both the private and public sector.

- Andrew B

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Steganos Security Suite 
Review Date: 01 September 2003

Distributor: Manaccom

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