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PC Reviews: Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Return To Castle Wolfenstein Screenshots

The Final Say!

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 20 January 2002
Review Score: 9/10 

Remember the days of VGA, games that ran on a resolution of 320x200 and everyone looked like huge lego people? The days were MIDI was played loud through 8 bit soundcards and whenever you heard speech, that was a REAL bonus? The days were Wolf3D first appeared by ID Software? German guards would scream in pain as you shout them with amazing weaponry? Even if you're not over 25, then you still probably remember the Grand Daddy of all First Person Shooters, Wolf3D.

The game has returned and is supporting an all new look for 2001 with thanks to the powerful Quake 3 engine. You play an secret army military agent who has been sent into the Fatherland to uncover the secrets of the Nazi. The single player mode involves mission based objectives via the help of ingame cutscenes. The graphics are first class and even the smallest detail has been catered for. Geometric fogging, lighting effects and levels that contain more than 3 floors. The texture models on all characters are perfect, lips move, heads move and overall, the body movement is very fluidic.

The music is like from a movie soundtrack and really helps you get involved in the game. The sound effects are very nice but most of the German's talk in English. Unfortunately alot of the "catch phrases" that were used in Wolf 3D are sadly gone from this sequel.

Probably one of the best First Person Shooters out on the market at the moment, considering that most PC FPS are made for the multiplayer market. The missions are very well thought out and even brings back the creepiness of the original Wolf 3D with undead soldier's and strange cyborg nazi killers. 

You find a variety of weapons throughout the game and I'm sure everyone will agree that once you have the sniper rifle happening, that will be the weapon of choice throughout the entire game. The zoom capabilities are amazing. The AI in the game is pretty damn impressive, they dodge, duck and hide behind things. Unfortunately now and then just stand in the wrong place and you can just snipe them to death.

This game is addictive and I would highly recommend this game to anyone. The graphics are outstanding, the music is brilliant and the storyline is very cool. Besides all this, it has a brilliant multiplayer capability that allows you play online as either the Allies or the Nazi's. Probably one of the best games for 2001 on the PC!

- Andrew B

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