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PC Reviews: Relatively Yours 3

Relatively Yours 3 is the latest edition of one of the most popular genealogical programs available worldwide that not only keeps a record of your family tree but also has access to millions of up-to-date records via the internet.

Australian users will be happy to know that the program is now linked to an Australian birth, deaths & marriages international genealogical index and ancestral file. Thus ensuring that even the most difficult of family trees is now that one step closer to perfection.

From novice family tree maker to professional, Relatively Yours 3 is easily one of the most comprehensive and user friendly genealogical  programs that I have ever encountered.

Relatively Yours 3 supports the following features that I'm sure family tree experts will find extremely useful;

  • Designed expressly for Windows 95/98 /Me/2000/XP/ NT 4.0
  • Unique mapping facility to visually relate events to the places where they occurred
  • Places family events in their appropriate historical and political context
  • Event based, allowing the entry of any type of event with accompanying descriptions
  • Multiple participants per event
  • Unlimited narrative information can be included
  • Associates names with their meanings and origin
  • Completely control the dissemination of sensitive data
  • Source citation relating to sources and the repositories where the sources are found
  • Multiple sources per event
  • Pertinent graphs to illustrate salient family statistics
  • Interfaces to Internet map sites for detailed district and street level mapping
  • Permits the inclusion of all multimedia objects including photographs, sound recordings and home videos
  • Its passport photo concept allows photos to be incorporated into documents and displays
  • Custom report facility
  • GEDCOM import and export capability to the latest standards
  • Gazetteer of all populated places in the world
  • Detailed maps for all countries in the world, including layers for roads, railways, rivers and cities
  • Selective repositories of source information including addresses, phone numbers, email address and web site addresses
  • Given names and their meanings
  • Event codes compatible with the Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI)
  • Temple Codes to record LDS events
  • Selective list of web mapping sites
  • Timelines of historical events

The installation of Relatively Yours 3 is suited for the novice computer user and once the CD was inserted into the CD-ROM drive, the program simply asked if you would like to install the software package and after a few minutes, the program was ready to be used. The main thing you will notice with Relatively Yours 3 is the extremely straight forward and user friendly interface that contains a number of different options, depending on how much detail you want your family to have.

The program itself is basically split into two windows, the left window is the navigation pane which allows you to access different types of information such as "Biography", "Children" and "Siblings", whereas the window to the right is the information window. Another option in the navigation pane window is the pedigree option that allows you to access your family trees ancestors.


You can virtually add a plethora of information for every person that you input into your family tree. For example, I added the history of my mother into the family tree that contained the following attributes, Name, Father, Mother, Occupation, Born at, Baptised at, Married to, Married at, Died at, Cause of Death, Buried at (yes it can become extremely personal), Religion, Last Address and children, just to name a few. I did mention that the program can become extremely personal but fortunately the software has inbuilt security that allows you to protect sensitive information.

With a simple click, I could then trace my mother's family tree back to her homeland of Europe and then bring up relevant information on her sister and her parents. Relatively Yours 3 also allows you to control how much of the persons biography you want added into the program and there are also other fields such as personal history, events, private notes and sources if you really want to go totally in-depth.

Another impressive feature of Relatively Yours 3 is the ability to add videos, sound and pictures to your family tree that ensures that you have an accurate history of your family tree with pictures for those that will access to it. For instance the portfolio menu (once I installed all the relevant photos), brought up a data, gallery and detail window that allowed me to access multimedia data and text data. The Gallery feature basically shows a variety of thumbnails (small photos) and when you click on the thumbnail, it brings up a full screen image.

The beauty of Relatively Yours 3 is that it is extremely user-friendly and if you ever get stuck in the program, there is a very intuitive help system. The program can also generate a variety of graphs to give your family tree the utmost detail. Relatively Yours 3 is also fully integrated with the internet so you can also track down additional information via the web.

Relatively Yours 3 also has the option to make hard copies of your family tree or even better, converting your family tree to HTML (Web Page Code) and then transferring it to CD that is not only ideal for backups but also for distribution of your family tree to various people.

This review has only just touched the surface of this extremely useful and in-depth family tree program and I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to create their own family tree. The program, although boasting hundreds of different features is extremely easy to use and is the perfect solution for your genealogical problems. Highly Recommended!

- Andrew B

The Final Say!


Relatively Yours 3 reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 28 August 2003
Review Score: 10/10 
Distributor: Manaccom

Copyright 2003 www.impulsegamer.com