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PC Reviews: Publish PDF

"Creating PDF files just got easier!"

Publish PDF is the latest PDF publishing program for the home user that is distributed by Australian software distributors Manaccom. PDF files are becoming an extremely popular method of storing documents on computers and can easily be transferred via emails, CD's, floppy discs and almost every other type of media.

PDF stands for "portable document format" and has been made extremely popular by Adobe software. Adobe also release a free PDF reader called Adobe acrobat that lets users from around the world access this popular file format. Unfortunately this free program doesn't give users the option to create their own PDF files and if they wish to create their own PDF files, they must purchase Adobe acrobat creator which is a very expensive program for the home user.

Fortunately for the home user, Publish PDF is an affordable solution to creating your very own PDF files and with a RRP of $99 and it doesn't get any better than this. Publish PDF is brilliant for creating brochures, newsletters, forms, graphs, manuals, calendars, posters, backups and various other word processing documents. These files can then be sent around the world and be read by anyone who has access to the internet as PDF is soon becoming the internet standard of document transfers.

The installation of Publish PDF was a breeze and took under a minute to install the software onto our test machine. Publish PDF also gives you the option to integrate the software into Microsoft Office so you can save your documents as .PDF files instead of using an external program to convert your files. We also tested the software by converting a few of our web pages into PDF files and it converted the page perfectly into the PDF format without any loss of information of formatting.

In conclusion Publish PDF is the ultimate file standard that allows users to easily transfer your files into a worldwide standard. There is no need for lengthy courses or training schedules as Publish PDF is the easiest piece of software that you will ever use. Highly Recommended!

- Andrew B

The Final Say!


Publish PDF
 reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 8 July 2003
Review Score: 8/10 
Distributor: Manaccom

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