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PC Reviews: Property Owner System (POSH)


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The Final Say!


Property Owner System
- reviewed by Tory Favro

Review Date: 25 October 2002
Review Score: 8.0/10 
Distributor: Manaccom

Property Owner System was certainly an odd title for impulsegamer to review and it should be made very clear that we have no expertise in the property field whatsoever. This review was a simple hands on analysis of our using the program for very basic needs and projections.


Put quite simply, POSH enables you to track trends in the real estate market to more ably make money and know when to invest in different areas. It takes advantage of real life prices and demographics, yet also takes into account your property and the structural enhancements of said property.


Although the results were disappointing for me personally :) POSH was able to calculate very close to the mark the current value of my house and land based on the information I had given it. There are many, many fields available for you to fill in in order to let POSH make the most of the information to provide extremely indepth analysis.


The software is clearly not for someone who just wants to have a bit of fun with it, POSH is quite a serious piece of software that will act directly as a tool for those interested in playing with the property market. The fact that it directly has its own property related accounting package impressed and was fairly easy to understand.


Information on POSH is extremely easy to understand and fill in due to the fact the menu system consists almost purely of drop down menus with selections or very clear entries by relying on default settings on the software generated by raising a property profile.


POSH can also take into account future scenarios based upon possible changes to the property, financial arrangements and the like, utilising an what if scenario that will let you analyse the possibilities of future development and what benefits it will give you. It also takes into account things such as stamp duty and interest rates, including fixed and variable rates.


When it comes to real life house hunting, POSH has the ability for the user to print out comprehensive checklists to take with you onto the site for inspection that will assist when dealing with a house inspector that you are uncertain of.

All data shown by POSH is very easy to understand and is illustrated by way of Pie charts and other graphs. Of course there is also raw data to analyse if that is your thing, but for a novice such as myself, the information made a lot more sense when presented in graphical form.


Each property in the POSH database is essentially treated as an investment, pretty much the same as you would manage a share portfolio. It can work out how much the property is working for you when you have a tenancy scenario or what value your property would hold if you had to remortgage it against your next investment.


All things said and done, POSH is extremely comprehensive and a powerful too in the hands of someone who had a interest in that field. I believe that it has enough features to fully work for a professional or someone currently working in the real estate market. I did find filling out so many forms to be encumbersome, however I do realise that for the person who would be making money from such information that it would not be a problem.


If you are into Real Estate then I strongly recommend POSH to you.


- Tory Favro

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