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PC Reviews: Popup Killer

"Popup's are now a thing of the past..."

The internet is a brilliant resource, no matter what you are looking for, you can generally find something about it. The unfortunate aspect of the internet is that when you visit a particular site, a strange occurrence may occur. This occurrence then generates five new popup windows that not only infuriates the user but is also extremely time consuming and actually wastes your bandwidth.

Popup's are basically an advertising tool that allows advertisers to sell just about anything, from eBay to sex. Fortunately, Popup Killer, a program that is distributed by Manaccom can help alleviate the problem of popup windows.

Popup Killer features
100% popup windows detected and blocked!
No downloading of popup windows - web browsing speed increased!
Does not interfere with opening new browser windows locally.
Enter favourite sites in a "whitelist" to allow popups on those sites.
Audible confirmation when popups blocked.

Nothing is worse than popups, I mean who really reads them anyway? What is even worse is that sometimes you close the popup and another two, three or even five reopen. When we received Popup Killer, I was a little more than excited to install this software package and not only did it promise to stop unwanted popups but would also save my bandwidth.


The installation of Popup Killer was a breeze and after a minute, the software was successfully installed in Windows XP. Popup Killer runs inconspicuously in your taskbar and when you double click on the icon, you can then change a variety of options. For instance, not all popups are harmful and sometimes legitimate sites have their own popups, for example news or competitions. There is an option in Popup Killer to "whitelist" your favourite sites, so in case they do use popups, you can be guaranteed to receive them. We tested Popup Killer while we surfed the internet that afternoon with Internet Explorer and to our amazement, we encountered no popups whatsoever. We also tested Popup Killer with the latest version of Netscape, 7.1 and popups were also stopped in this browser.


In conclusion, Popup Killer may not seem like the most intuitive program to run on your computer but I would highly recommend it to people who are quite simply fed up with popups. The installation is extremely easy and you will no longer be hassled by unwanted advertising such as "porn", "gambling" and various advertising campaigns. With a RRP of $29.95, what's not to like? Check it out!

- Andrew B

The Final Say!


Popup Killer
Review Date: 3 September 2003

Distributor: Manaccom

Copyright 2003 www.impulsegamer.com