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PC Reviews: Wagez Window

"Managing payrolls just got easier..."

Payroll Made Easy (Wagez Window) is one of the most affordable payroll software packages available in Australia and features everything that the more expensive competitors offer.

Apart from an extremely user-friendly interface of click and point, Wagez Window also offers users the latest updates immediately upon registering this software package.

And in order to get the full benefits of the current taxation system, Wagez Window offers users an annual subscription of $76.90 to ensure that their software program is up to date.

The installation of Wagez Window was simplicity at its most purest form and no matter what operating system you are currently running (Whether Windows 95, Windows XP or NT), the payroll program caters for every Windows based operating system from past to present. Once the installation was completed, the first thing you will notice is the intuitive interface that is not only comprehensive but extremely user friendly.

Payroll Made Easy (Wagez Window) is a very intuitive payroll program that I would recommend that all businesses check it out before they venture into Quicken and MYOB territory for three reasons. Firstly, the price is only $99 and it features many of the same features that are found in the competitors, whereas the second reason is that Wagez Window is created by an Australian software company and not only are you supporting Australian talent but the program is exclusively designed for the Australian market. The third reason is that Wagez Windows requires an extremely low-end PC to run the software and this is ideal to some businesses who are running quite dated machines.

Wagez Window supports the following features;

  • Record the increasingly popular Salary Sacrifice details

  • Facility for additional PAYE tax if required

  • Up to ten allowances and ten deductions per employee pay

  • Superannuation

  • Normal pay rates plus seven user defined rates

  • Undo Pay feature - revert to previously completed pays

  • Lodge employee group certificates electronically

  • Assign any employee up to give department/expense categories

  • Record and track long service leave

  • Print payslips for all

  • Windows printer support for report

  • Do-it-yourself grid to select data to report on

  • Export data to text, Microsoft Excel or HTML for use with most accounting programs

  • Hold year to date figures for individual employee's rebates

  • Built-in backup and restore features to safeguard your important data

  • Start-up reminder messages for next time you use Wagez Window

  • Online Help systems

  • Direct Pay Lodgements (by modem or disk, split between up to give separate bank accounts per employee)

  • Termination facilities

  • Handle all sick-leave of holiday pay needs

  • Updates to accommodate any changes to tax laws

As you can see from the features, Wagez Window supports every aspect of the Australian payroll system and has been approved by the Australian Tax Office, so you can rest assure that your payrolls will be handed safely and confidentially. While creating a payroll system for our staff at impulsegamer, I was pleasantly impressed at how easy it was to insert data into this database program. The database can also be sorted by a variety of ways, for instance by surname or even employee number. Another bonus of Wagez Window is that the software can also output files into Microsoft Excel and HTML formats to guarantee the users of this package a wide range of data formats.

Wagez Window also supports current taxation taxes such as HECS (Higher Education Contribution Scheme) and even has the ability for employee bank details, thus ensuring that the program is current for the ATO requirements. Wagez Window also offers the user to receive the latest updates when they register their product that gives the user 3 month telephone, fax and e-mail support or receive both these services for an entire year, for just $76.90 per year.

In conclusion, Wagez Window is an extremely user-friendly program that even the most novice computer user will master. Wagez Window is also ideal for businesses that have employees of up to 100 people and guarantees that all the aspects of payroll are catered for such as superannuation, electronic payments, on-line help and even features calculations for HECS payments. With everything nicely bundled into this package with some amazing support features, Wagez Window is the most affordable payroll program available on the market. Recommended!

- Andrew B

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Wagez Window
Review Date: 2 September 2003

Distributor: Manaccom

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