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PC Reviews: Monopoly New Edition


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Monopoly New Edition
reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 22 November 2002
Review Score: 6.0/10 
Distributor: GameNation

One of the world's most popular board games has returned on the PC in its most simplistic and original form in Monopoly New Edition. With so many different types of Monopoly games out at the moment, whether it's Star Wars or X-Men, they all have one theme in common, and that is to pay homage to the original board game. 

Infogrames is the latest publisher to re-release Monopoly on the PC in its original form. Gone are the strange street names or even weirder characters, Monopoly New Edition in its essence is the original board game on the PC. 

The gameplay of Monopoly New Edition is exactly the same as the original board game where two or more players must roll two die in order to buy, sell and hopefully monopolize the board with the most valuable assets. The difference between the original board game and the latest PC version is that this incarnation of the game features a 3D style board with animated Monopoly characters. 

Monopoly New Edition features two different styles of gameplay modes that include a standard game which lets you play against real or computer opponents and online play. The game is based on the standard version of monopoly and lets you play a variety of different countries such as Australia, England and even France. A customizable version of the board game is also available for those that love to tweak the original rules to include more houses or higher tax rates. 

Monopoly New Edition features three different modes of difficulty for the computer opponents that include first-time buyer, entrepreneur and tycoon. The computer is quite ruthless when it's set to the highest level of difficulty and will try its hardest to sabotage your game. Although be warned, it may take you awhile before you can finish the game with it on highest difficulty as the computer quite literally takes its time to move. 

Graphically Monopoly New Edition looks virtually identical to the original board game but features a few 3D effects such as rotating board and various zoom features. The game also features a variety of graphical effects such as bilinear filtering, 3D lighting, 3D camera movements and animated tokens to help spruce up the original board game. I strongly suggest that people do a full install of the game because it does become quite sluggish if you have done a partial install. A full installation will rectify this problem and allow for some extremely smooth gameplay. 

Monopoly also offers a variety of different sound effects to help make gameplay more interesting but unfortunately many of these sounds fall quite flat. Allthe tokens in the game have a variety of different voices and personalities thathelp create a game of uniqueness. I was quite impressed that when playing theAustralian board and you land on a street, the voice that says the street namehas a deep Australian accent. Quite impressive!

Minimum Requirements
- Windows 98/ME/XP
- Pentium II 333Mhz of Greater
- 32MB RAM (64MB RAM Windows XP)
- Hard Drive Space (140MB)
- CD-ROM Drive 4x or faster
- 8MB Video Card of Greater
- Windows Compatible Sound Card
- DirectX 8.1 (included)
- Multiplayer (Ethernet Card or Internet
- 56K Modem (minimum)

Unfortunately Monopoly New Edition fails to reach the excitement of the original board game and does become quite repetitive after awhile. The main problem with Monopoly on the PC is that it fails to capture the fun of playing with real people and there's not much satisfaction when you defeat a computer opponent. Even when played against real people, they will soon discover that the computer version has major limitations, one being the fun factor of the game. 

- Andrew B

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