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PC Reviews: Microsoft Money 2004 Standard

"Useless with cash? Let Money help you out!"

Whilst not being the only reason for purchasing this product, the above statement certainly is a viable one. Money 2004 Standard Edition makes the household budget almost a one step process now with everything at the user's fingertips.

As with all Microsoft products installation was a breeze, basically a case of just clicking the Next button a few times. One of the great things about the Microsoft range is the standard method of installing almost all programs meaning that you can get straight in and enjoy your purchase.

One of the first things after setting up the software that you will notice is that you have the ability to customise your display options, thereby giving yourself a homepage to suit your needs, presenting a "at once" view to see how your home finances are tracking. The interface is exceptional and so easy to navigate that even a novice should have it licked in no time at all.

Integration of all your finances is the key to Money's success and after witnessing first hand the sort of information that is provided I do believe that most users will be as impressed as I was. You can configure Money to log into your internet banking to present you with your balances for each account without having to actually visit the bank website itself.

I think that one of the nicest things about Money is that is does have the goods to help your succeed with your home finances. All the tools are at your disposal and are so easy to use that debt reduction and funds management is not an impossibility for even someone as useless with money as myself. The key to using this software is honesty and accountability.

Microsoft also include the ability for users to import their Quicken files over into Money in order to try to reach that market. Whilst at the time of testing we did not have Quicken to try this out, I did some research and did find that some users were finding problems adapting to the new way of doing things in Money, however for the most part these did sound more like teething problems than areas of true concern.

For those who prefer their data in an easily digestible form can obtain output through Money in a number of forms including pie charts that will tell you your overall status in easy to understand glance. Each report can be customised in this way to assist users in understanding what they are doing with their finances.

In addition to all the great features on this piece of software, Microsoft sweetens the pie somewhat more by allowing updating of shares on the internet allowing those interested in stocks and the like to stay in touch with the performance of their shares

As with every year before it, Microsoft has supported the new product with a swag of new extras to take advantage of financial climates in order to make reporting and fund management even easier than before. One of the really important things to take note of however before purchasing this software is making sure that it is right for you. For the ordinary person doing a household budget, this product is perfect, however for the more advance user who needs something a bit more complex, it might be worth upgrading to the Deluxe version of this software.

To see what version is most relevant to you, please see the Microsoft site at:


There are a number of different options to choose from, including applications for business. These are in the business versions of Money and not applicable to this review.

Money is a great program that will suit most users who are looking to effectively manage their home affairs with one easy to use piece of software. Highly recommended!

- Tory Favro

The Final Say!


Microsoft Money 2004 Standard
 reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Score: 8.9/10 
Distributor: Microsoft

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