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PC Reviews: Microsoft Visual Studio .net Professional 2002


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Microsoft Visual Studio .net  Professional
 - reviewed by Tory Favro & Andrew B
Review Date: 16 November 2002
Review Score: 9.4/10 
Distributor: Microsoft

Microsoft Visual Studio .net Professional 2002 edition combines the powerful tools provided by Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual C# that integrate seamlessly to create XML web services and applications.

This product is aimed squarely at the professional developer and is not designed for the novice. First lets start with the installation, as you will see later in the review the system requirements as far as hard disk space is concerned is fairly intensive. Installing this title requires 3.5GB of available hard drive space with a minimum of 500MB on the system drive.

Naturally as a result, we found the installation to be a lengthy process. Whilst installing on numerous platforms (Windows 9x/NT/2000), we did find that we needed to install a service pack that mainly dealt with components of Internet Explorer 6.0 and then a reboot was needed for these changes to take place.

When installing on our Windows XP test machine, we found the installation to still be lengthy but ran without a hitch.

It must be understood that initially for this program it was to be known as Visual Studio 7, however the development path veered so much that the name had to be changed to reflect the new programming dynamic.

A bonus to the new version of the .net experience is the integrated run time memory allocation that allows users to worry about their own coding whilst Visual Studio takes care of memory allocation . This allows for a sturdier programming environment where the user can take advantage of the tools provided whilst exploiting the time saving abilities of the software.

Microsoft understood the growing trend toward portable devices and Visual Studio.net Professional caters toward the Pocket PC market, giving users a richer online experience with their portable devices.

Microsoft Visual Studio .net Professional offers developers the choice of programming languages in which they can create their own purpose built applications. These programming languages include Visual Basic .net, Visual C++ .net and Visual C# .net. Although these languages are available, users should be aware that all these languages have been integrated into one simplified interface.

Speaking of interfaces, Visual Studio .net Professional presents users with a setup similar to the task panel used in most of the current Office XP products. This new interface allows developers to customize the outlook of Visual Studio so that it shows all the development tools that you have installed and even the different applications that you can create.

Somewhat akin to the current version of Paintshop Pro, Visual Studio has a number of clever tool boxes discretely located to the sides of the program. When hovering a mouse over the toolbox, it will expand to reveal further menu options thus increasing your workspace area.

Allowing Visual Basic to become part of the .net framework means that the software immediately becomes more accessible to many thousands more users who are familiar with this simplified programming language.

As with all Microsoft development tools, Visual Studio offers the programmer a variety of different application wizards that allows them to easily create their own web and windows applications. The beauty of this feature is that it dramatically cuts down programming time and allows developers to aim their attention at other areas of development.

For people getting started with Visual Studio, there are a great number of modifiable source code and various project templates available.  This is a welcomed addition to what can sometimes be quite a daunting task. By using templates and viewing the source code that created them, developers can gain inspiration when designing custom built architecture.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional System Requirements

  • PC Pentium II 450MHz or greater processor
  • Microsoft NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or later operating system
  • 64MB RAM Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (minimum)
  • 160MB RAM Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 (minimum)
  • 96MB RAM Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (minimum)
  • 160MB RAM Microsoft Windows XP Professional (minimum)
  • 3.5GB Hard Drive space (500MB minimum)
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  • Super VGA (800x600) or higher resolution with 256 colours
  • Microsoft Mouse of compatible pointing device

Within the programming environment, we found in testing that this software makes it easy to check the consistency of code being written. As with other software packages in the family of Microsoft Developers Network, Visual Studio also offers IntelliSense statement and automatic syntax error checking that highlights errors in your code.

In conclusion, Microsoft Visual Studio .net Professional is an extremely powerful developers tool for the professional market. Despite its hefty price tag, it is an essential application for those developing .net applications for the internet or those maintaining web services.

- Tory Favro & Andrew B

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