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PC Reviews: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (version 2002)


Microsoft Publisher (version 2002) Screenshots



The Final Say!

Microsoft Publisher 2002 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 31 July 2002
Review Score: 8.5/10 
Distributor: Microsoft

Microsoft Publisher 2002 brings the power of the professional designer to your home PC. With powerful features and wizards to assist you, desktop publishing has not been so easy in quite some time.

Integrating with the rest of the Microsoft Office family and sharing the same 'dress' as them, Publisher can integrate with a number of programs, specifically Word. The program has been designed to cater to all users regardless of skill level.

A big part of using the computer today involves the Internet and Microsoft has endeavoured to make web authoring an activity that is fun and easy for everyone to get their work online. Publisher can easily save your work as HTML and automatically assigns a directory that will store your images that it has saved to .gif format. I personally found that feature disappointing as reducing the file to .gif reduces the quality of the picture. However for the novice webpage designer, this feature will be extremely welcome as it is just one more file that they don't have to look after.

As with the other Office products, Publisher now features the fantastic Task Pane (the pane on the left of each screen shot). With the pane, tasks are now centralised and easy to access. Also using the task pane you can also take advantage of some of the functionality of other programs, including the search feature in Microsoft Word.

When it comes to publishing, Publisher has got all the bases covered. Everything from standard signs, web pages, cards and advertisements can be created with ease.

Unlike previous incarnations of Publisher, now users can take advantage of Autocorrect to make sure that their work is up to par before printing or uploading. One thing I did notice however was when converting your publication to HTML, Publisher inserts a lot of it's own generic XML code which drastically adds to the file size of your web page. It does enable the page to be converted intact however and is the trade off you get for such functionality.

Publisher now also features compatibility with commercial presses and can support additional spot colouring in a design that assists with printing. Your printing shop does need to have compatible software that will understand Publisher formats in order to make the most out of the work that you have done. With this feature, small businesses can finally create their own advertisements without the need for a graphic designer.

When creating a new publication, users can take advantage of the newly implemented Font Schemes that are in place to maintain the integrity of your work. When using Font Schemes, they act pretty much the same as colour schemes did, but instead of matching colours on your page to be of a similar shade or hue, Font Schemes will make sure that your text compliments itself from one area to the next. This is a great idea that will result in you generating a more professional publication.


Microsoft Publisher can also be used day to day in your email messages. It is very simple to take advantage of as well. Quite simply, create your publication that you wish to use (single page documents only) and Publisher will send the file through email as a HTML file which means that your recipient doesn't need publisher to view your work, just a email client that enables HTML in the body of the message.

As far as graphic imagery goes, Publisher can import a number of file types and maintain their file size. These include TIF and JPEG files. Publisher also carries a feature from Word which allows you to place a picture within a line of text and staying there.

Office Art is available to users of the new improved Publisher as well and the ability to modify this art is also a welcome addition and will allow you to change the way your text or art appears by skewing or stretching it. Other modifications are also available. Borrowing from Word, this function uses Word Art, Picture Toolbar and Auto Shapes. Whilst not intended to compete against a heavier duty drawing or CAD program, it is nice to see these features present in the program for quick and easy access.

Whilst many of these functions would appeal to the experienced user, we must not forget that Publisher is a lot of fun for the beginner and kids alike, making your own cards, invitations or business stationary. A comprehensive set of templates will assist you in choosing the right publication for any occasion.

In summary, Publisher is a great addition to the Office Family and considering how much everyday practical use almost all users would get out of it makes Publisher a very handy product to have on your PC indeed. Recommended.

- Tory Favro

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