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Korea: Forgotten Conflict -
reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: December 2003
Review Score: 8.4
Distributed by Take Two Interactive

"Become the commander of a group of military specialists in one of the most forgotten and brutal wars in history!"

Korea: Forgotten Conflict is the latest title from developers Plastic Reality that take gamers into a genre that is often overlooked, the Korean War. The Korean War raged from 1950 to 1953 between the communist armies of North Korea and the American inspired South Korean army that killed thousands of people from both sides. Korea: Forgotten Conflict (now known as Forgotten Conflict for this review) emerges gamers into this deadly war with a group of highly trained soldiers.

Korea: Forgotten Conflict is very reminiscent of Commandos that  takes gamers into an enemy territory where they must perform a variety of missions that include rescue, sabotage and assassination in at attempt to change the tides of war. You get to control five highly specialised soldiers that include a sniper, medic, military engineer, Korean specialist and a ranger. Apart from your five soldiers, the game also boasts over 12 huge levels, over 50 authentic weaponry of the time and a variety of historical accurate locations.

As with Commandos, the Forgotten Conflict has a similar gameplay design where players must use stealth and subterfuge to complete each mission. Running into enemy territory like a Hollywood action movie hero is sure to end the mission fast. That being said, I would only recommend this title to gamers who are extremely patient or for those that enjoyed Commandos and UFO: Aftermath.

The game is not a real-time strategy but rather a turned based title where the player must give his or her troops orders and then watch them play it out. The gaming engine of the Forgotten Conflict is divided into two windows, the main window being your gameplay area with the bottom window showing you a list of soldiers who are under your control. This list also displays their attributes, health and inventory. Fortunately the developers have included a pause function in the game that allows you to give your troops new orders and to change weapons or to use various equipment in their inventory.

As mentioned before, the Forgotten Conflict features over 12 massive levels that range from extremely easy to extremely difficult and some of my favourite missions were using the military engineer to lay and diffuse explosives in the game. The blurb on the back of the box doesn't boast the "12 Massive levels" for no reason either as some of the levels are quite lengthy and you will be playing this title for hours before you will finish. Apart from just controlling your troops, you also have access to variety of different vehicles that you can actually control in the game that helps gamers reach their intended destinations faster.

The artificial intelligence of the game is a little on the mediocre side and they generally have the power to know where you are located without them seeing you in their field of vision. The attention to detail that the artificial intelligence displays is amazing and you must ensure that your tracks are not discovered such as leaving bodies in the open or running around like elephants in a china shop.

Graphically, the Forgotten Conflict is a visual treat and uses a beautiful 3D engine to help portray the world of the Korean War. The backgrounds are extremely detailed and contain everything from military establishments, forests, vehicles, trains, buildings, shrubbery and just about everything else that was found in the Korean War. The characters themselves are also professionally designed and move with humanlike grace when they are moving from A to B in the game. The game also supports a resolution of 1600x1200 for those gamers that own a super computer. There are also a variety of lighting effects from shadows to huge explosions that give this title that polished look.

The musical score of the Forgotten Conflict contains an entertaining "army" style theme that helps with the atmosphere of the game and match that with realistic sound effects, professional voice acting and some brilliant Hollywood style explosions and you have a match made in gaming heaven.

Korea: Forgotten Conflict is an interesting title that is actually pulled off quite well by developers Plastic Reality. Although it does contain a few bugs here and there, I would recommend this title to anyone who enjoyed the Commandos series of games. With an in-depth storyline and some impressive graphics, Korea: Forgotten Conflict is strictly for war buffs.

- Andrew B

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