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PC Reviews: Image Broadway


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The Final Say!


Image Broadway - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 19 October 2002
Review Score: 8.8/10 
Distributor: Manaccom

Image Broadway is graphic editing software that most users will find more than adequate for their day to day editing needs. The interface is fairly similar to the basic Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop menu system without the entire depth that the other programs entail.


Using an intuitive menu design, Image Broadway is perfect for touching up digital photography, scans and images for websites and the internet.


Using Image Broadway I was able to "map" images with hyperlinks for use on website and actually nominate the area to be mapped. Some software only allows mapped areas to be rectangular in shape, however I was able to customise this to suit my needs.


Primary functions are covered for the most part however an integral menu command seems to be missing from the package being the command, past as new image. There is the option to cut from an image and then open a new image and paste your selection into it. This is also available when pasting into another existing image. A clever thing about this feature is when pasting into a blank image, the size defaults to the size of the portion you just cut. It was easy to do and took a matter of moments, however the paste as new image command would be a welcome addition to the software.



For the more determined, it was interesting to note that the software might even be utilised by aspiring 3D artists as Image Broadway can also bump map images. For those who are not familiar with the term, quite simply it allows objects to appear to stand out from a flat surface whilst still retaining the characteristics of the flat surface.


This is a tool used by games developers to create environments that are more realistic by bump mapping the textures used to make the gaming environment.


There are a bevy of other features on the software including anti aliasing and interlacing options making Image Broadway a powerful piece of kit for the home user or budding designer feeling their way around imaging software.





Another innovative addition to Image Broadway is the file tree to the left of the screen that lets you easily navigate your way around your images with absolute ease. This is most definitely a feature that some of the competition could well do to imitate in future versions of their software.  As you can see in the screen shots, you can see the file structure of your PC and also thumbnails of any picture files in each folder. A single click will bring that image to the main screen for editing.


Image Broadway can also import files created in Paintshop and Photoshop for you to work on without losing any quality. It packs quite a punch in features, yet is friendly enough for the novice to pick up and use almost immediately. I found the red eye reduction feature to be a breeze to use as was the function that lightened my dark photos without washing the software out.


Overall, I would recommend Image Broadway to anyone looking for a solid graphics program at a great price. Image Broadway at the time of writing retails for $149.95 which is almost $100.00 dollars cheaper than it's nearest major competitor being Paintshop Pro.


For the professional, Image Broadway may not be suitable for all purposes as it does not carry quite the extensive features of Adobe Photoshop or to a lesser extent Paintshop. However with Adobe being over $1000.00 more, this is easily overlooked and really the two items are for totally different consumers.


Here is the list of features mentioned that Image Broadway provides and I am sure that you will be as impressed as I was:


Web Authoring Tools: Create clickable Image Map; Create Server-Side Image Map (NCSA & CERN); Create Client-Side Image Map (CSIM); Make 3D buttons and logos.

Artistic Tools: Oil Paints; Water Colours; Charcoals; Twirls; Waves; Pinches; Tiles; Frames.

Rendering Tools: Bump Map; Bevel Frame; Drop Shadow; Perspective Tool.

General Tools: Files & folders Thumbnails; Unlimited Undo and Redo; Shortcuts for editing; Click & open; instant preview for tools; Popular image files support; Autosave feature.

Composition & Editing: Transparency; Intelligent lasso; Professional selection tools; Path editing; Channels; Mask editing; Blend modes; Opacity control; Feathering edges; Anti-aliasing edges; Local clipboard; Local buffers; Alpha channel; Object and Window layer.

Fundamental Tools: Paint tools; Draw tools; Image editing tools; Transform tools; Palette tools; View tools; Text tools; Pixel tools; Gradient tools; Select & Path tools; Fill tools; Brush palettes; Enhancement tools; Artistic tools.

Digital Photography Tools: Auto enhance & contrast; Curve tools; Auto levels; Level tools, Burn & Dodge tools; Remove 'Red Eye'; Blur, smudge, sharpen tools; colour balance; Hue & saturation; Brighten & contrast.

Optimization Tools: Perceptual palettes; Adaptive palettes; Web-safe palettes; Windows palettes; Customize palettes; Convert format; Reduce file size; Auto-rename; matte colour; Transparency; Interlace options; progressive option.


As you can see, the title has a bevy of features that will be suitable for most consumers. If you are considering a well rounded and well priced piece of imaging software then look no further.


Many thanks to Yao Chu at Filestream for assistance with some questions I had about this product.


- Tory Favro

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