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PC Reviews: IGI-2 Covert Strike


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I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 18 March 2003
Review Score: 8.1/10
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IGI 2 is the successor to the mega successful Project IGI that came out about a year or so again. We don  the boots of IGI agent David Jones and once again fight the good fight for the Western World against hostile nations and terrorists.

IGI2 is no walk in the park however and whether that is welcome news or not remains to be seen. I must confess that I found the first IGI difficult and challenging and fortunately this one remains the same. The enemy AI is good and bad - They are insanely good shots from staggering distances however you can peg them off very easily by waiting behind a door and shooting them as they run through. Even the sight of fallen buddies won't stop them, they'll run right through and allow you to shower them with lead.

IGI2 is a combination of stealth and just all out shooting, sort of like Splinter Cell but without quite as much class. It makes for a much more compelling game by taking the stealth route, however if you are loaded for bear and want to yell yeehaw! then you can do that as well.

The game has a number of missions that explain themselves in the form of cutscenes or short movies that will give you a quick rundown on the mission before dropping you smack bang into it. Armed with an arsenal of amazing weapons and equipment, you make your journey through the game. One of my favourites makes it's way to this game from the first instalment of IGI and that is the GPS map which will provide you with a sattelite picture of the world you are moving through. This is not a foolproof method of getting through the game.

Graphically the title is very nice to look at and ran fairly smoothly. It didn't appear that there was anything that was really pushing the way the graphics card would process data that would slow it down any, however it did stutter on occasion on my system when the going got tough. It's funny but it's more a case of very good textures used rather than a lot of textures used that make this game work as well as it does. The more ram you can throw at this game the better. Most mid range machines can handle the game but ram is integral.

Sound quality in this game is very good adding to the sense of realism in the title. It doesn't chop up very much even when there is a lot of action and it is vital that you do listen to the game at all times taking into consideration the stealth component. Listening will give you the time to hide from enemies and take other forms of evasive action.

A nice touch with this game is the inclusion of a multiplayer mode that was missing first time round. It plays nicely and should increase the longevity of the title. In some ways it reminded me of particular titles like Half-Life Counterstrike or even the Assault section of Unreal Tournament. There are objectives to undertake and defend against and they are a lot of fun.

The levels are well designed and the draw distance in the game is excellent making it a most immersive experience unlike those when you have to deal with a lot of pop up when a game tries to cope with the data it's sending the processor. On occasion I did notice that shadow details look a bit weird and I could see soldiers shadows through walls. A cool effect was that I could look down and see my own shadow clearly defined, though not always attached to me.

All things said and done, IGI 2 is a pretty cool game that should have a fair bit of life on your PC. It's challenging, fun and a vast improvement over the original. Recommended for fans of first person shooters or stealth 'em ups.

- Tory Favro


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