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PC Reviews: Business Breeze V1.6


"Small business accounting doesn't get easier than this!"

Let me get the ball running by sayijng that this would have to be the easiest accounting software I have ever had the pleasure of using and testing. The principle of the software is what they term Click and Run which quite simply is exactly what it does. The true beauty of Business Breeze is the lack on complicated steps that you would expect from packages such as Quickbooks or MYOB.

To get anywhere with Business Breeze will only take the user a small number of clicks. The interface is childs play with choices presented very much like an internet page which makes it all a very much intuitive experience. Every thing is based upon it's own menu which makes navigation of the product almost ridiculously easy. You wish to do your pay and it's as easy as clicking on the payroll icon and following the bouncing ball.

Business Breeze cuts out the "technical" side of accounting packages. Whoever the business writer for the title was actually spoke English and decided that English was a good language for BB to be written in as well. This software is just so easy to understand that your most novice computer user should be able to master the program in minutes.

Aimed squarely at the small business owner, Business Breeze is able to cover many tasks with its simple to use one click menu system. Whilst we would still recommend your MYOB or Quicken products for a more complex business setup, BB easily can be the product of choice for the business with a few employees on the payroll who wants to stay current with applicable tax laws.

From a technical viewpoint, BB is a modern day miracle with it's incredibly low system requirements and a ridiculously low 20mb free on the hard disk to install the program. Another great piece of news for older computer users is that Business Breeze will even run on something as old as a 486 computer! This in my opinion is truly a spark of genius on the part of producers Martex as many home businesses still do use old computers.

Whilst utilising templates, users will be happy to know that these can be modified for individual use or one off circumstances especially in the Payroll section. Data entered into the program transfers itself directly into the PAYG Withholding Archives, eliminating the need to double the amount of typing required to keep concise, easily locatable records. I found this feature in particular to be very clever and useful.

Of course all of these great features would be of no use if the software didn't comply with current taxation laws and BAS statements which it does. The program is also GST compliant and up to date with the recent rates.

All things said and done, Business Breeze would have to be the easiest to use program for bookkeeping that I have ever seen. It's stylish and simple interface make it a winner in my books and I am sure that it would rate the same in the hands of the small business owner that it is aimed squarely at.

System Requirements

Windows 95 or later




486/33 intel compatible processor or higher



- 16 Ram
- DVD or CD-ROM drive
- 20mb HDD space

At the time of writing, this software retailed at $330 RRP making it possibly the cheapest piece of software in this category as well. A Great all Rounder!

- Tory Favro

The Final Say!


Business Breeze V1.6
reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Score: 9.9/10 

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