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N-Gage Reviews: Pandemonium

"The Sorceress and the Jester have returned and this time they have taken the world of mobile gaming by surprise!"

Pandemonium is one of the first generation of games to land on the powerful Nokia N-Gage that has truly taken mobile phones into the 21st century.

Pandemonium was originally released on the Sony PlayStation in 1996 that soon followed a PC release with famed 3DFX support. Although the game wasn't a blockbuster hit of the time, it was an extremely entertaining game that featured the very sexy & acrobatic sorceress Nikki and the mischievous jester called Fargus. The story behind Pandemonium involves a beautiful sorceress named Nikki who is persuaded by a Jester named Fargus to dabble with some extremely powerful spells. Unfortunately for the world of Pandemonium, this spells unleashes a variety on inevitable monsters that threaten the very existence of the world itself and the only way to prevent this apocalyptic disaster is to venture to a distant land for a mythical wishing well that will return the world to normal.

Pandemonium is a traditional "3D" style arcade game that has players running, jumping, collecting and attacking enemies in a 3D generated gaming environment. Gamers have the choice of playing two characters, that of Nikki and that of Fargus. Although both characters play the same storyline and perform similar moves, each character has a unique method of dispatching enemies. While Nikki defeats foes with her double jump, Fargus takes out his enemies with his cartwheel attacks.

Although Pandemonium can be played with caution, it is basically a running and jumping game and in order to enjoy this title thoroughly, you must race along the screen and avoid the dangers that lurk in the world of Pandemonium. The only downside to the gameplay of the Pandemonium is the limited sight into the gaming environment that sometimes does affect what your next move will be. Whether a planned jump to another ledge or a leap of faith into the unknown.


Graphically, Pandemonium is almost an exact port of the PSOne version which is an impressive feat in its own considering how small the game is. The gaming world of Pandemonium is a true 3D world that is made up of thousands of polygons to create the realistic three dimensional feel and look to the environments. The game also contains a variety of different gaming environments from lush green forests to sun starved deserts and dangerous dark caverns. The N-Gage does a brilliant job at recreating hundreds of different colours in the game and even some special effects such as lighting and magic spells.

The characters in the game also contain a high amount of polygons (for the N-Gage anyway) that move with human-like fluidity and also perform a variety of movements from jumping, running, sliding, falling and even a cute little addition of feigning boredom when the player leaves the game for awhile.The only downside to the graphics of pandemonium is the strange frame rate of the game that isn't bad but does look a little strange when compared to other games on the N-Gage. The developers should also be applauded for their attention of detail in the game from the small things in the game such as Nikki's clothes or the tiny objects that are laid throughout the game.

Although Pandemonium contains no soundtrack per se, the game does contain a variety of different sound effects from the grunts of Nikki to the strange "duh" sounds of enemies in the game. The main sound effect in Pandemonium is the extremely annoying "BOING" sound when your character jumps through the gaming environment. Apart from that, all the sounds come together perfectly on the N-Gage for that great "mobile" arcade experience.

Pandemonium also contains a very interesting yet relatively short multiplayer mode that is played via the Bluetooth of the Nokia N-Gage. The multiplayer mode is basically a race between two players of the first few levels of Pandemonium. Although you don't physically challenge the other player, you can still see them on your N-Gage as a shadow player. The person with the best time, wins the game. I must admit, wireless gaming via the Bluetooth is probably one of the best selling points of the N-Gage and Pandemonium takes full advantage of this new technology.

In conclusion, Pandemonium is an extremely entertaining game for the N-Gage that has a very user-friendly interface, a beautiful graphic engine and hours of entertainment that will make this game an N-Gage classic. Recommended for all gamers!

- Andrew B

The Final Say!

Pandemonium - 
 reviewed by Andrew B 
Review Date: December 2003
Review Score 8.0/10
Distributed By: Nokia

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