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N-Gage Reviews: Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer                                            Genre: Sports

Who the hell is Marcel? I can give you the hot tip before I got this game, I sure as heck didn't know and having played the game I still don't! Now before Nokia panics, that's not because the game is bad, in fact for a person who doesn't really like traditional sporting games, this title was very well put together in a very comprehensive package.

This is where it get's tough to judge the power of the Chelsea central back powerhouse against the leviathan that is the Fifa franchise brought to you by Electronic Arts.

First things first, this is a sweet looking little game with a lot of detail packed into a really small package. More of a sim in it's nature than the arcade feel of your other soccer games, this is a game that is really well thought and and guaranteed to satisfy enthusiasts. Pro Soccer has been developed by Gameloft who have been behind a number of the hits on this format and certainly get down and dirty when doing their N-Gage titles, making sure that they are a force to be reckoned with.


Players best be aware that this game is not one that you are going to get in and start playing immediately as this puppy needs a ton of button pushing to get the most out of it. This is because the game wants to get so in depth that there are multiple ways to just pass the ball alone and you will notice that the game runs slightly slower than some soccer titles to accommodate the intricacies involved.

To vary the experience of kicking a ball around the pitch, the great thing is that they've taken the time to make the stadiums appear slightly different. It's a credit and an innovation given the storage space of the medium, though really considering the way that portable memory is expanding at a huge rate, it won't be long before there are games for this medium that are over 500mb to a GB!

Another feature that will have heads up and looking is the introduction of up close and personal scenes of the action that do succeed in making you feel a lot more like you are in the thick of it as opposed to just slapping the buttons on your gorgeous new Nokia QD, you do have a QD right? Add to the graphics some awesome crowd audio that do seem to react to the ongame play you have to be more than happy with the overall appearance and feel for this game.

There will be fans out there who won't look past the Fifa franchise and that's fair enough as it's a great series, however I'm here to tell you now that Marcel Desailly looks a LOT better than it's pixelated counterpart and for overall structure and depth, this is the superior soccer game.

To sum it all up, Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer is the best soccer game out there for N-Gage

Tory Favro

The Final Say!

Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer -  
reviewed by Tory Favro 
Review Date: September 2004
Review Score 8.0/10
Not based on an average
Distributed By: Nokia

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