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N-Gage Reviews: Fifa 2004

Although a huge fan of soccer games, I was a little dubious about the N-Gage version of Fifa 2004 and wondered just how on earth this title would play. However, those thoughts were soon vanquished when I booted up my N-Gage and started playing Fifa 2004 that is not only just great fun but is also a very attractive looking title. Fifa 2004 also supports over 60,000 real-world players from 300 official teams that is guaranteed to please even the most staunchest of  soccer fans.

Once the Fifa 2004 MMC card was installed into my N-Gage, I proceeded to play one of the most down-to-earth and entertaining soccer games to have ever graced a mobile gaming console. The also game supports a variety of different gaming options but my preferred gameplay mode was the friendly mode (exhibition) that is basically a one-on-one game without the complexities of a full season. You can even change your team statistics before you engage in a match that allows you to change your positions and even defence and attack preferences.

The first thing you will notice with Fifa 2004 on the N-Gage is the strong gaming-engine that also lends well to the N-Gage layout. Your players also have a variety of soccer manoeuvres that include run (4), shoot and tackle (5), pass (7) and hard tackle/lob pass (8). So as you can see, all the rudimental controls are there to play a decent game of soccer. Fifa 2004 also supports a great multiplayer mode via the innate Bluetooth abilities of the N-Gage that lets you play head-to-head with another player. The multiplayer mode reminded me of old favourites such as Kick Off (Amiga) and the original Fifa series on the PC that was fun, exciting and some of the best multiplayer fun on the N-Gage I've had in a long time. As mentioned before, the gameplay modes of Fifa 2004 include International Cup, America's Club Championship and even Club specific tournaments.

Graphically, Fifa 2004 looks like an old Amiga game on the N-Gage that not only looks impressive but also plays well. Although the players appear to be bitmap characters, they perform a variety of manoeuvres and actually look like little soccer players, even on the small N-Gage screen. The majority of the graphics are the "green" soccer field and the only downside to the graphics are the lacklustre stadiums that look a little too blocky and rough.

Fifa 2004 also supports a true soundtrack that can be turned on or off for those times of silence or loudness. The game also contains a variety of soccer noises such as kicks, players getting tackled, the whistles of the referees and even crowd sounds. Although nothing special, it does show what the N-Gage is capable of and give the system another year or so and I'm sure everyone will be thoroughly impressed by the N-Gage, both sound wise and graphically.

In conclusion, Fifa 2004 is a very addictive soccer game on the N-Gage that allows you to virtually play soccer anywhere you like. With decent graphics and some nice sound effects, Fifa 2004 is guaranteed to please just about all soccer fans. Check it out!

- Andrew B

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Review Date: February 2003
Review Score 7.3/10
Distributed By: Nokia

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