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DVD Reviews: Wings Over Vietnam Vol. 2

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 03 June 2003
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 100 Minutes

Apart from the few and far between criticism of the war expressed by one man, the rest of the feature is about God Bless America.  Now that I have got that prominent gripe out of the way it must be said the first episode of this DVD is the best out of the first two Volumes.  Spookies, Spectres and Shadows is the name and stealth combat is mainly what these operations are about.   

The first chapter focuses mainly on the aircraft that were brought out near the end of the war.  These extraordinary gunships were specially designed for the prerequisite of the unusual situations that the US air force had to face.  The spookies as they were appropriately called were used during the dead of the night.  Special viewing instruments were designed so that these aircraft could be used in darkness.  The mini guns were mounted on the side of them so they could blow apart a truck in a matter of seconds.  Such incredible flying fortresses could use one hundred rounds a second.  Then another plane was designed that was better; the AC130 Spectre which was faster and had more firepower.   

This chapter was most exciting I thought as the implementation of stealth and battle could be done in safety.  These special kinds of aircraft struck terror into the hearts of the Vietcong and resulted in the period whilst these flying fortresses, a fairly successful one. 

The second chapter was more convoluted and harder to understand but upon further investigation was an interesting one.  Some of the video footage is used over and over unfortunately I donít know why but the editor had a day off err or something.  This chapter is basically about the beginning of the war when television was in Black and White and JFK was still alive.  Their was debate over whether or not the jet airplane was better than the propeller driven ones.  Development for the jet engine was preliminary so the propeller engines were used in conjunction with the latter throughout the war. 

Overall the package is informative and interesting even though there is a bit of creative reporting about how well the Americans fought it all.  There is no focus on any other country for the as far as the viewers knowledge there was only one country in the war.  The Vietcong were the bad guys and the Yankee doodles were the goodies and thatís about as far as it all goes.  The narrator speaks clearly and distinctly to the audience and most of the footage is taken from the war and in colour with the Americans and black and white for the Vietcong perfect for propaganda purposes for the Americans.  Oh well at least we can all say that they are on our side!

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