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DVD Reviews: Wicked City

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 22 February 2003
Distributed by:
The AV Channel

Wicked City is probably best quality anime movies I’ve ever seen, though the male heroes do need to be drawn a bit better, the emphasis seems to always be on the women as far as detailed depictions are concerned.  The story is about a parallel universe of twisted creatures bend on the destruction of earth. Initially they look like normal people, but their true forms can be revealed if they get irritated or attack.  A lot of time has obviously been spent on drawing the monster portion of the anime, which is phenomenal quality. 

Good anime and an original story line really helps the movie along.  An old man known as Dr Giuseppie Mayart is the most important man when it comes down to signing the peace treaty between the worlds; basically it wont happen without him, so a secret organization known as The Black Guards are assigned to protect the Dr and of course the Earth. The black guard known as Taki the human portion of the protective team matches up with the black worlds other half and she is “disgustingly beautiful”, her name, Makie.  Taki & Mackie how lame, oh well getting back to it…. Taki is a bit of a ladies man always looking to score with any chick who comes along as you can imagine all he really want to do get this girl in the sack. Constant interference is given from that dirty old Dr who only wants to go to a playboy bath where women please his every need and want, makes their work all the more difficult and places the Dr. in jeopardy..   

This particular movie is one of the better ones out there directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, the director of Ninja Scroll and has a great story line. However, it is a bit confusing the first time you see it if you don’t pay close attention, but the animation is great as are the fight sequences: not too fast and not too boring though this should never be watched by children under 15 years it has plenty of sex, nudity and violence which in some scenes is quite graphic. 

The sound quality is very realistic though there are some times that you can easily determine how the sound effect was generated which is somewhat disappointing. Visually this is a great looking title on DVD, as I have seen this on SBS, and picture quality has been enhanced a fair bit as well. 

I have seen this movie before so overall a 7.5/10 because I had to watch it a second time to enjoy it to its full extent. Recommended.

Wicked City Features

  • Digitally mastered in 5.1
  • Alternative 2.0 English audio
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Interview with Director
  • Character Biographies


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