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DVD Reviews:  Video Days: On Skateboarding Summer 2003 Issue

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
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I had a blast with this disc and it's fun to watch format. You can see that it's been put together by people who are having fun with what they do and are quite possibly true fans themselves.

This is what you'd expect from a DVD that is following a true magazine format and every section was fun and informative. Being a Tom Green fan, I was stoked to see a bit from his time on the Birdhouse tour (he even had a pro model board made for him). This was a fun look at what must have been a pretty uncomfortable tour for the guys with long trips in the car with little to do but set off fireworks and throw stuff at other cars in their group! Not only that but it was for the Hooters/Birdhouse tour at that!

Of even more interest to me was the look back at the Blind Video that was made years ago. I remember seeing this vid ages ago and how much fun it all appeared to be. One weird thing is that it did not register one iota that the Jason Lee whose movies I have enjoyed heaps was the same J Lee who is skating in the Blind Video, yup one and the same. Also Spike Jonze talks about filming the skating and how it was to work with Gonz back in the day.

We also get to see Ed Templeton's art exhibit that he hold in France. Mixing skating with art was a proposition that he was somewhat dreading, however the two mix well and the end result is good video for us to enjoy.

There are other smaller sections on the disc that are also lots of fun too such as Chad Muska talking about his fave ghetto blasters and Kenny Reed sending video postcards from Hungary and Vietnam.

I can say wholeheartedly that this disc is a good look at the sport for fans who want a bit more than just skateboarding spots. It's fun, and a real refreshing look that is well worth the dollars. A quality presentation that definitely has replay value, in fact I've watched it four times already.

Add to all this fun the extras and you've got a production well worth the watch.



The disc is shown in full screen and is pretty clear considering. Most skate DVDs are filmed with Digital Video Cameras and as a result often suffer from a little bit of grain and mpg artifacts.

This disc is pretty clear all the way through and certainly is not hard to look at any stage. Quality is fine and all things said and done is a great presentation.


Sounds are cool on this one, clear and good music kicked in to complement all segments. As far as aural prowess is concerned there is nothing really to set this DVD apart from any other, but that isn't the aim with discs like this. The aim is to be informative and in this respect, it wins hands down.


There's some rad extras on this disc that do give it a bit more life. The trippy thing about it is that considering the format, I wonder why they weren't just included with the main package instead of added on in this way.

We get to some some of the more risque footage of the Birdhouse tour that is good for a laugh and essentially an alternate or additional view of each feature that was on the disc in the first place.

These extras are pretty sweet and to add to the overall depth of the disc as far as the consumer is concerned.

Video Days: On Skateboarding Summer 2003 Features

  • Birds Gone Wild

  • Behind the Art

  • Inspiration Point

  • On the B Side

  • Behind the Scenes Photos

  • Video Trailers

  • Shop Loop

  • Director's Commentary


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