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DVD Reviews: Thomas and Friends - Thomas & The Jet Engine

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 25 May 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 50 Minutes

Everyone has heard of Thomas the Tank Engine and for one very good reason: He Rules! This is the story of a group of trains in a railyard under the watchful eye of their beloved Fat Controller and the adventures they get up to.

I feel silly even having to introduce Thomas but I guess there will always be a first time for everything. The Thomas series is animated and there are nine episodes on this disc. They run for about 6 minutes each and stories usually have some sort of ethical or moral ending, even if it isn't readily apparent.

I think one of the reason that kids (well my kids) love Thomas is that it's straightforward and easy to understand. The tales are narrated by Michael Angelis, who is very clearly spoken and the animations that the trains undertake is simplistic yet all that is need to be entertaining.

The episodes contained on this wonderful DVD are as follows:

Thomas and the Jet Engine
Percy's Chocolate Crunch
No Sleep for Cranky
Harvey to the Rescue
Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
Jack goes to Work
A Friend in Need
World's Strongest Engine

The disc also contains three sing a long songs that will keep the kids amused. They are bouncy and easy to follow, with a cloud taking the duty of bouncing ball above the words to help young singers keep time with the song.

Audio and video is not going to change the way you or your young ones look at the DVD format, with the video at a full 4:3 ratio and audio whilst being clear really didn't need the full 5.1 surround treatment. All things said and done, the disc is entertaining and your kids are going to love it. I know mine sure did, and Thomas is a regular request along with the other brilliant kids shows done by ABC DVD.



Thomas The Tank Engine: Thomas and the Jet Engine Features

  • Three Sing A Long Songs


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