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DVD Reviews: Steve Waugh - A Perfect Day

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 22 February 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 70 Minutes

This disc is a weird one in that I have never seen anything quite like it before and much to my disgust, I found it fairly enjoyable and informative. Why disgust? Well you can pretty safely file me under the group that truly could not care about cricket one way or the other and I sure as hell have no interest in going to a game. This disc, I believed would put my disinterest to the Test (pun intended). Steve Waugh, former Australian captain, left the cricket world in triumph after announcing his impending retirement during the fifth test in the 2002/03 Ashes tour.

It was an announcement that some would have deemed to be overdue as the batsman's form had been somewhat disappointing in the previous innings. Would he leave his beloved game in triumph or tragedy? As history tells us, triumph won the day. This disc tells us the story of that day from the horse's mouth himself, Steve Waugh.

I would say that this disc is only going to wind up in the hands of fanatics as the average punter is not going to buy or rent this title out of curiosity which is a genuine shame. It's very good to watch and the commentaries by various players are very interesting. As a DVD it doesn't set the world on fire, of course it looks fine, however it's just a commentary of one man hitting a leather ball. It's for that reason that only Dolby 2.0 was used, however nicely enough, it's also in widescreen.

The disc lends itself even more heavily in favour with the amount of interviews and information that it presents. I did find however that I was most interested to hear what Steve thought of the innings more than anyone else. It is insightful and well presented and leaves you wanting to find out more.

If you are even vaguely interested in cricket then this disc is definitely worth the purchase, otherwise if you have some free time, see if your video shop has the disc and give it a hire. It is a good disc and certainly marks a definitive point in Australian Cricket history and the career of one of Australia's finest.


Steve Waugh: A Perfect Day Features

  • Countdown to History: The final 8 overs
  • Scene Selection


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