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DVD Reviews:  Please Teacher! Volume 1: Hot for Teacher

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
DVD Extras Score

Reviewed by Yianni Pak
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 100 Minutes

Please Teacher! is an animated Japanese television series, based on the Manga Comic ďOnegai Teacher!Ē. Itís the story of a young man named Kei Kusanagi, a high school student who suffers from a rare and unlikely condition which causes him to experience blackouts, or ďstandstillsĒ as he calls them. One such standstill has apparently induced a three year coma, leaving Kei with the body of a 15 year old, despite the fact that he is actually eighteen. 

As if this wasnít enough to complicate his life, he also has a bizarre relationship with his new schoolteacher, the delectable Miss Kazami. Kei is privy to the fact that Miss Kazami is actually an alien sent from another galaxy to observe Earth. All manner of mix-ups and hijinks ensue, not the smallest of which is Kei and Miss Kazamiís impromptu decision to get married(!) 

The  four episodes of the show contained on this disc are pretty good fun. It has itís funny moments, itís romantic moments, and the occasional attempt to delve a little deeper into the human psyche and examine peopleís motivations and desires. If you enjoy anime then youíll probably enjoy Please Teacher!. 

The video quality of the DVD is excellent, extremely sharp and with the nice bright colours one would expect from a light-hearted anime series. There didnít seem to be any trace of MPEG artefacts and I didnít notice the layer change at all. For some reason, though, the opening credits of each episode seem to be FAR softer than everything else. Itís not a big issue though. 

Audio is nice and clear, but not really anything worth writing home about. But hey itís an animated television series, not Lord of the Rings, and the audio suits it just fine. 

A few extras adjoin the episodes, but there is nothing especially exciting on offer. Some character profiles and artwork, and a couple of promotional clips and previews for other Madman releases. Not a bad effort, but nothing astounding. 

Overall, Please Teacher Volume 1 is an enjoyable DVD. The episodes are fun, if a little weird, and the video and audio quality is good. Recommended for any fans of anime.


Please Teacher! Vol. 1 Features

  • Dolby Digital Stereo-Japanese/English

  • Reversible DVD Cover

  • Commercials

  • Episode 1 Preview

  • Design Gallery

  • Please Teacher! Trailer

  • Promotion Clip

  • Previews


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