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DVD Reviews:  Natural Health: Pilates - The Power Within

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Kate Esler
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 60 Minutes

‘Pilates- The Power Within’ is a very informative lifestyle DVD that helps to explain, and demonstrate, the phenomenon that is Pilates. It is presented and narrated by Lucy Lloyd-Barker, who gives us a step by step instruction on how to do each move and she also explains each of the main principles of the program which are Concentration, Centering, Breathing, Control, Precision, Flow of movement, Isolation and Routine.

The menu features Play, Scene Selection and Special Features. These Special features are, a background on the origins of Pilates, a short biography on Joseph Pilates, About Tai Chi Kung, and About Yoga, all of which help in understating the processes involved. It really is quite interesting to learn more information about Joseph Pilates and how he started the program nearly 100 years ago to strengthen muscles and aid in the maintenance of Asthma.

This DVD is very effective in attracting the attention of the viewer, in that we are shown Pilates being practiced as well as having detailed steps explained. Lucy Lloyd-Barker is shown doing Pilates on the beach with a beautiful backdrop and with soothing and relaxing music playing in the background, these are all techniques, which make us think that Pilates really does look relaxing, and we should all give it a go.

It is definitely worth your while to watch this DVD. If you are fascinated and interested in the Pilates program, this DVD gives an in depth and descriptive account of everything you need to know, even precautions you should take for your own health and safety. Pilates really has been embraced by millions of people and it is now practiced worldwide. If you want to try Pilates but are not to keen to go to a gym, you can watch this DVD in the privacy of your own home and do it at your own pace. With proven results, you should definitely give it a go.


Natural Health: Pilates the Power Within Features

  • Origin of Pilates

  • Biography on Joseph Pilates

  • About Tai Chi Kung

  • About Yoga


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