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DVD Reviews:  Opinion: To Each His Own

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
Stomp Visual
Running Time: 43 Minutes

Featuring: Rodney Mullen, Chet Thomas, Gershan Mosley, Danny Gonzalez, Matt Mumford, Chad Fernandez, Jayme Fortune, Ben Pappas, Renton Millar, Mike Peterson and Ryan Kenreich.

Insanely good skating is what's to be had on this thoroughly enjoyable DVD and whilst it's running time is only 43 mintues, it's packed full of goodness. To watch the grace and ability of Rodney Mullen alone would have been worth the admission price though, that guy is so damn good it makes me weep to watch him.

Brought to us by Globe Shoes, Opinion is the work of Matt Hill and it's surprising the level of quality that has been put into the entire production. Whilst still just a disc of skaters hitting up spots, Opinion in it's presentation feels like a journey of sorts that we are lucky enough to have been taken on.

Shot from what appears mostly to be mini DV the picture is very clear for all segments and the music is well suited to the skater that is featured at the time. The rendition of "Sweet Alabama" played during the Mullen session is awesome. I can't forget to mention the White Zombie track as well, god bless 'em!

Add to the quality feature, a swag of extras that we'll discuss below that with the exception of the opening bail on Globe AM are sweet and add heaps to the value of the disc.

If you are even vaguely interested in seeing some great skating then I can't recommend this DVD highly enough to you. It's classy, well presented and a real credit to the sport.


The picture on this disc is sweet as hell for what is predominately shot on what I'd guess to be mini DV cameras and is presented in a full screen format. There is a little bit of grain but really it's one of the best looking skate DVDs I've seen in a while!

The menus for this disc are animated with audio and are nice transitions from one area to the next.


Awesome sound all the way through this one with a killer soundtrack. The composed music is wonderful and slightly haunting, making it feel a lot more like an introspective. I almost would have kept that music as the background for the skaters as well all the way through rather than reverting to songs.

Audio is very clear all the way through all the way to the sickening crunch of Pat Green's head hitting the ground. Sometimes sound is too good :) You can tell that a hell of a lot of love has been put into this disc.


Extras are packed onto this DVD and all are good additions to the disc in general with one exception as far as I am concerned and that's the start of the Globe AM section. The rest of it is an insightful look at some more skating footage and also the premiere of the Opinion movie. It's funny to see the skaters show up on red carpet and no one there to check them out.

There are also a number of highlight reels and commercials for the movie that are brief teaser type trailers to get the audience enthused.

The real meat of the extras is the extra skating that we get to watch. This is one awesome DVD from start to finish and I highly recommend it!

Opinion: To Each His Own Features

  • Highlights

  • Globe AMs

  • Opinion Tour

  • World Premiere

  • Commercials

  • Tictac 2 Heelflip Trailer


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