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DVD Reviews: One Day Wonders (review of Australia's win at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003)

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 26 May 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 124 Minutes

The Aussies have always done well in sport throughout history.  We have seen it in the Olympics, that are always a focal point to most Australians.  The emphasis on sport during our early years has taken the rise of Australian sport to breathtaking heights.  The only other major competitors in this category are of course the Americans who are still in front in medal tallies followed closely by our compatriots.  But America doesn’t have every sport covered, which is exploited by the Aussies in Cricket.  Even with a key player Warne testing positive to a diuretic did not dampen the ability of such a brandish side.  Of course every keen cricket enthusiast would know that our side won the cup so there is no cause for speculation. 

This package has all the highlights from the 2003 world cup including Lehman getting 28 from one over.  Glen Mcgrath getting seven wickets for 15 against Namibia and Ricky Ponting scoring 140 in the World cup final against India.  These are some of the highlights to be seen in this DVD.  The footage shown are just the highlights from the 2003 World Cup with a narration done to discuss the games at the beginning and end of each match.  Sometimes there is elaborate narration in some matches, which adds to the appeal and understanding of the overall assortment of highlights. 

There is enough here for even the most avid cricket fan and the narration without a doubt is done thoughtfully and interesting.  The picture takes up the whole screen and the sound is clear and crisp.  Overall it is well worth a look for sport fans especially the ones that missed many of the highlights and were too impatient to see the matches in their entirety.  The special Features are excellent with a selection of the highlights in the usual plentiful amount.  It is all presented concisely and quickly.   

The only fault that can be said is that because the viewer already knows all the highlights, the product loses the impact that it had when the matches in the world cup were watched in their entirety.  This is not as blatant as it may sound because fans of this sport will without a doubt enjoy the exuberance and brilliance of achievement exhibited by the Australians.

One Day Wonders Features

  • Highlights of five of Australia’s golden moments-

  • Darren Lehman 28 off an over vs Namibia

  • Glenn McGrath 7-15 v Namibia

  • Adam Gilchrist 6 catches v Namibia

  • Andy Bichel 7-20 v England

  • Ricky Ponting 140 v India in World Cup Final.

  • Match results from each of Australia’s 11 matches


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