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DVD Reviews:  Neil Perry - Food Source

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Kate Esler
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Running Time: 160 Minutes

Neil Perry is an Australian chef who travels all over Australia cooking some amazing foods. He enlists the help of a variety of different chefs, and their well known restaurants, to cook up some great dishes. From mud crabs to Cantonese masterpieces, he whips up some dishes that are sure to make your mouth water.

The disc features six episodes and includes extras featuring, a list of all the recipes he cooks, a biography of his career and a featurette of his restaurant, 'Rockpool.' All the episodes feature catchy music and some fantastic scenery, which really highlight many of Australia's endearing qualities. This disc would also be good to show those overseas to introduce them to the amazing gifts our country offers.

Although Perry cooks some amazing recipes, in my opinion, he fails to really captivate his audience. He is very straight forward in his approach and, I admit, it is a cooking documentary and he does cook, but, and this may sound a bit harsh, Neil Perry is no Jamie Oliver. He doesn't really have a whole heap of pizzazz. When I am watching someone cook, especially on TV, I want to laugh out loud and I want to say to myself, "Hey that looks like fun, I'll give it a go." After watching this disc I didn't say to myself, I must cook that. The dishes that Perry cooks all look amazing but it is pretty safe to say that they are not meals that 'Joe Regular' could whip up every night.

One of the chefs featured in the disc says, "You are only as good as the last meal you cook" and if this is true, Neil Perry is definitely good. If you want recipes that you could cook for the interstate relo's, meals that would impress, then watch this disc but, if you are like me and want an entertainer as well as a chef, don't rush out to get this DVD!

Neil Perry: Food Source Features

  • 22 Printable Recipes

  • About Rockpool

  • About Neil Perry


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